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How 2015 Honda Fit earned KBB 'Best Resale Value' award

Known for bulletproof mechanics and reasonable fit and finish, the made in Japan Fit held the line on high resale value. Will the same be true for the manufactured in Mexico Fit? We'll look at how and why 2015 Honda Fit earned KBB's "Best Resale Value" award.

For us the verdict is still out on assessing the long-term quality and future forward resale value of Honda’s compact 5 door hatchback. Anyone shopping for a lightly used, late model Honda Fit knows that a 2 to 4 year old hatch often approaches the price of a new car. However, on the market for a mere 3 months, the redesigned built in Mexico 2015 Fit has earned yet another auto industry accolade that could be a bit early out of the gate.

Nonetheless, Kelley Blue Book(KBB.Com)recently award 2015 Honda Fit “ Best Resale Value” in the subcompact class. KBB’s prediction is based on several factors measured over a 5 year term of ownership and doesn't pertain to short-term lease deals. If KBB’s prediction proves out over time, Honda Fit will join Accord, Civic and CR-V as 3 of the highest residual value used cars in North America.

What long-term residual value mean for you

In the case of the U.S. built Honda Civic, it’s not unusual to find a used mid-trim level 5 to 6 year old 4 door sedan priced to sell $12,500+, or 65 to 70% of the original MSRP. Assuming a fair trade in value for the past owner, 50% or more of the original purchase price has been returned on the initial investment, and adds to a lower cost of ownership over the competition.

For Honda cars and light trucks, past performance, reliability and standard features drive historically high resale value. looking to the numbers we believe that the totally redesigned 2015 Fit 5 door hatchback may be the greatest value found in a compact 5 door hatchback today.

When closely scrutinizing Fit we find top of class fuel efficiency, comfort and safety presented in a fun to drive automotive transformer. We recently hit the streets of Los Angeles in Fit with full Tech and were impressed by this compact’s active and passive safety features, intuitive personal electronic connectivity and paddle shift enabled sports-tendencies.

History may repeat itself with Fit

Torque News reported high retail used Fit prices back in 2014. We predict that demand for used Fits will level off a bit, along with slight downtrends in retail price, as Honda increases dealership inventory of the redesigned 2015 made in Celaya, Mexico Fit 5 door hatchback. We've checked in with our dealership network and find that Fit inventory in most regions has caught up with consumer demand.

While we don’t anticipate huge dealership, factory or Honda-Finance incentives on Honda’s portal vehicle in the first quarter of 2015, we do believe that additional savings can be found on your Fit of choice as production increases in Honda’s newest North American Plant. You may find pricing and specifications for 2015 Honda Fit here.

What we like about Fit: Fit’s great looking exterior body-line shares more than one design cue with Civic Si coupe and Honda CR-V. Honda Engineering has stepped up to the task of taking the “Box” look out of Fit while increasing usable interior volume. In-fact, Fit features the greatest interior volume and utility in its class. Thanks to Fit’s “Magic” second row seating, when placed in the folded position, Fit’s flat rear cargo area can double as a small transport van.

As to the look: We like what Honda has done with Fit’s body trim and wheel packaging, adding just enough ‘Bling’ to an already fine looking 5 door hatchback. Fit visually flows: Not an easy design task when holding the bottom line on price. We also like the body integration of tail and headlights, color choices and rear glass-hatch look. Fit records a low wind tunnel drag coefficient without looking obnoxious. For those wishing for a bit more sport in a Fit-sized crossover, look to the all new Fit platformed 2016 HR-V to appear in the summer of 2015.

Looking to Fit’s interior we discovered an environment that is sized to the North American driver. Great head and shoulder room, premium seating, decent interior trim and finishes, topped off with an exceptional offering of standard convenience and safety features, Fit outperforms the competition where it counts. Offering the interior space and utility of many mid sized minivans, with the drivability and economy of a sub-compact, Fit’s capturing Honda’s portal car buyer’s market as we drive through 2015.

Don’t let the numbers dissuade you. Despite the smallest engine displacement in the American Honda Motors lineup, Fit’s performance and drivability may surprise you. You’ll find our latest drive review of 2015 Honda Fit here.

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The arrival of the HRV will drive Fit sales back to their pre-redesign levels imo. Most of the buying public isn't waiting to see or drive the HRV and when they finally do see one on the road or visit their local Honda dealer because it's time to trade, the American consumer will forget all about the fit for a higher seating position and "only $50 more a month."
Could be Robert. However, Fit may be a logical choice for those that require more of a mini-van-type platform.(Higher interior hauling platform) Time will tell. I'll be driving the HR-V down in Miami the end of February. Thanks for commenting.
I can't wait to hear your impression of the HRV. We are waiting for one as I just can't convince the better half that the power in the Fit is substantial enough after driving a Clubman S for the past 4 years. Im hoping the HRV delivers and us able to couple, at the very least, reasonable driving fun with Honda quality.
From what I've seen Robert you will be impressed by HR-V. Its been on the road in Japan for a year. You can read reviews from there. In the U.S. HR-V will sport a larger engine with a manual 6 speed option and front or all wheel drive. Horsepower and torque is 10% greater than Fit... I anticipate a turbocharged sport version coming out mid cycle 2015.
I am curious about your test drive at the end of the month. Is this an event with many journalist? Will pricing be released then?
Good day Sean. Yes and yes. The National Press introduction is to be held last week in February. Full specifications and price will be announced at that time with a likely article embargo placed until the first week in March. A dealership release(should) follow 2nd week in March.
I am curious about your test drive this month. Is this a special event for journalists? Do you know if pricing will be announced then?
Thanks so much for your response! We have been waiting a long time for info on the HR-V. I am confused about the Earth Dreams engine. I thought I heard the HRV was getting an older design Civic engine, not the Earth Dreams?
Roomy, fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive, the all-new 2015 Honda Fit offers plenty of personality at an affordable price.
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