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Honda Motors returns to company roots, a focus on affordable quality

For those of us that grew up praising the affordable, trouble-free reliability of Honda products, in the wake of the Takata recall, the past 2 years have been just a bit deflating. No worries, there's a change on the horizon.

Honda Motor Company of Japan has been financially hammered by the news of expanded airbag recalls, malfunctioning Fit hybrid transmission electronics, and numerous brake and fuel system related failures. Some would say that Japan’s 3rd largest auto manufacturer, Toyota and Nissan are 1&2, may have been caught up in an unrealistic push to expand world-wide production to unrealistic levels. That’s all about to change.

The buck stops here

In the wake of Takata and Japan’s Fit recall, Honda’s corporate profit has taken a -9% hit for fiscal year 2015, as management is realigned from the top down. For the Honda fan, no worries, Honda’s not going anywhere, and frankly in North America, Honda’s largest market, sales numbers remain in positive territory as American Honda and Acura Division consistently present quality, well-priced cars and light trucks.

As reported by Torque News, Honda’s 2015 CR-V, 2016 HR-V, Acura Divisions ILX, and RDX are generating record sales, as the market continues to transition into smaller, fuel efficient SUV, CUVs and compact performance sedans.

Despite the impact of Takata airbag recall news, North America continues to embrace the brand that consistently produces the highest residual valued vehicles in the region, while looking to a near future of low to no emissions, through fun to drive Honda cars, light trucks and motorcycles, with the majority of cars and light trucks built and sold in North America.

New Honda CEO to shift company focus to technology

Honda’s new CEO Takahiro Hachigo, a carrier engineer with development and manufacturing experience in North America and China, will roll back his predecessor's world-wide sales goal of 6 million cars and light trucks per year, to 4.5 million; something that annalist believe is quite doable without further expansion of Honda’s manufacturing capacity.

Furthermore, Mr. Hachigo will return Honda to its historic focus on the production of tech-rich, mechanically reliable - quality, the stuff that the Honda name and reputation was built on.

EV, hybrid and FCEV development lost in the shift

We don’t think so. However, with CEO Hachigo wishing to make sure that employees have enough time to develop strong products, the market release of Honda EV, FCEV and the expansion of 2 and 3 motor hybrid systems throughout the line may be delayed, just a bit as the corporate shake-out dust settles.

Next up, refreshed 2016 Honda Accord

For the month of July Honda-Torque News will be introduced to the 2016 Honda Accord, we anticipated greater personal connectivity, enhanced active safety features, an exterior design upgrade and more, this is “The Year of Honda.”


Ed (not verified)    July 9, 2015 - 7:18AM

Honda’s new CEO Takahiro Hachigo, should properly resolve the many thousands of 2002-2006 Altima owners who are suffering floor-board's rusting completely out...due to a design fault whereby water apparently enters at windshield cowl and becomes trapped between floor-board panels. As typical, Nissan's response is "your tough luck" fault here or proper fix can be made!.