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Honda Civic, Pilot tops Best Family Cars of 2016

Out of hundreds of car, crossover and SUV models considered, 2016 Honda Civic and the redesigned Pilot makes the “Top 10 Best Family Cars of 2016.”


Yes, I know, you’re thinking just another hyped up journalist award for Honda. This one comes from the family and car experts at and Parents, and is generated by people with families, just like you.

An affordable package that is Safe, priced right, comfortable and fun to drive

After considering hundreds of family sedan and SUV/crossovers offered in North America, 2016 Honda Civic and Honda Pilot have earned “top 10” recognition for family friendly features, standard active safety technology, available accident prevention capabilities, top of segment NHTSA 5-Star overall safety ratings and IIHS Safety Pick + accolade.

True, Ford, GM, Kia, Mazda, Toyota and others offer similar features and fuel efficiency. Yet, when industry bellwether Edmonds.Com weighed the total sum of what families demand from a vehicle and what Civic and Pilot offer, Honda came out on top. Me? I like driving both of them, with or without passengers in the second or third row. I believe that the drive-dynamic presented by Civic and Pilot is a big part of the winning equation, the market has spoken.

2016 Civic

“Great looks, measurable performance, uptick interior finish and comfort, fun to drive, accommodating,” these are some of the accolaids Torque News fields from our readers as to their 2016 Honda Civic experience. Read my latest Civic drive review here.

2016 Honda Civic is the best selling compact sedan in North America, because -- when one weighs the total sum of Civic -- compares the total package offering top the competition -- while looking to the purchase price and estimated long-term residual value, Civic is just that: a measurable purchase value with “fun to drive” overtones.

For a young family that wishes to experience a performance drive when the kids are not sitting in the second row, the 10th generation Civic sedan or coupe is well worth your consideration.

2016 Honda Pilot

The redesigned Honda Pilot is Honda’s answer to the family wagon with off road performance potential. Affording a 3-row 7 passenger capacity, optional 2nd row pulldown theater viewing and a much refined ride rivals Acura MDX, 2016 Pilot combines midsize truck-like utility and all weather toughness with the interior refinement and accommodations of a top trim Honda Odyssey. Pilot is perfect for those loaded-car-raucous “let’s go,” “are we there yet?” family outings.

As with Civic, Pilot is available with Honda Sensing, ™ a standard equipped back up camera, ACE body structure, and expanded rear deck storage/hauling platform and more. Me, I appreciate Pilot’s drive dynamic, dial-in traction mode, available AWD and mechanically bulletproof 3.5 Liter V6 engine and 6 speed automatic transmission.


Stan (not verified)    June 4, 2016 - 11:03AM

Just bought a new 16 Pilot and there are design flaws. Better find the facts before reporting. It is a good car but if you really want to know about the design flaws give me a note.

Parks McCants    June 4, 2016 - 9:15PM

In reply to by Stan (not verified)

Welcome Stan. I have logged over a thousand miles driven in 3 trim level new generation Pilots. I have the facts, and share them as observed. This article reflects a qualified opinion as shared with the two publications noted. I welcome your feedback based on your experience with Pilot. What flaws have you noted, and what would you suggest to Honda engineering to improve Pilot. Bring it on...