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High Mileage Turbocharged Honda Civic Averaging 48 + MPG

Back in December of 2015, Torque News reader David Malone purchased one of the first 10th generation Honda Civics to roll off the assembly line. 59,378 miles later, he has a pretty good since of long term engine reliability and fuel efficiency.

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*Photo Attribution Parks McCants 2016

Over 500,000 10th generation Civics now roam the roads of the United States

And yet it’s not uncommon for Honda Torque News to receive a question or two on our Civic Fuel Economy Forum as to variable fuel economy. And then there’s the unknown of the long-term mechanical reliability of Honda’s Earth Dreams ™ gasoline engine, in this application, turbocharged. We’ve spent thousands of miles behind the wheel of 10th Gen Civic, and still love driving it.

Honda Civic, now in its 10th generation, is historically known for serious high mileage, (we’ve interviewed more than one owner with well over 400,000 miles logged) mechanical reliability, and decent fuel economy. It’s now apparent that the turbocharged rendition does both very well.

59,378 miles driven in 18 months

David Malone who tells us he lives in South Carolina, commutes daily in his 2016 Honda Civic Touring, while claiming an average speed of 35 to 70 MPH, and as much as 677 miles, on a 12.5 gallon tank of gasoline. Doing the math: That’s 54.16 MPG -- unsubstantiated, yet very impressive

We assume that David’s burning premium fuel as recommended by Honda. To date, the only maintenance performed on David’s 2016 Civic Touring, outside of an oil change, and fluid level check, is a replacement of the O.E.M. tires -- at 59,000 miles. It looks like David’s Civic will go the distance trouble-free. Check out our latest Civic Si adventure here.2017_Civic_Si_McCantsTell us about your Honda Civic experience. Your thought provoking comment is always welcome at Honda-Torque News.

Parks McCants writes the Honda, Acura column for Torque News, and is read world-wide on several outlets throughout Cyberspace.

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