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Head to head drive comparison: Acura TLX vs Lexus IS 250 video review

Apples to apples, Acura stages a short yet direct drive comparison between the 2017 Acura TLX 4 cylinder, 8 speed, P-AWS, and the Lexus IS 250. Guess who comes out on top.

It’s not everyday that an auto manufacturer stages a very direct video drive comparison between its entry level 4-cylinder normally aspirated sport sedan and the competition, but Acura did, and we applaud their much earned confidence.

Torque News conducted a very similar comparison while attending the initial roll out of Acura TLX 3 years earlier. We proclaimed Acura TLX i-4 4-cylinder, 8-speed variant, standard equipped with P-AWS, (power- all-wheel-steer) to be the superior road handler in the Acura TLX lineup.

2018 will bring a major refresh to Acura’s best selling 4 door sedan

Redesigned from the A-pillar forward, a visually dynamic, precision engineer performance injected 2018 Acura TLX will come to market in the late summer of 2017. Read about that development here. But personally, I wouldn't send my first generation TLX to the crusher just yet.

Looking to the market, I believe that 2017 TLX in all trim levels represents a very solid lease or purchase opportunity. As stated in the video, TLX brings to the premium midsize sedan segment, exceptional on-tap engine power, very decent road handling characteristics, and a “look” unique to Acura, something you won’t find at Lexus. Let’s us know what you think of Acura’s latest video. We’ll print your thought provoking comments here at Acura-Torque News.