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Game changing 2015 Honda CR-V: Superior standard feature driven performance

As reported Monday by American Honda Motors: CR-V drove Honda to a new sales record for October. We believe that 2015 Honda CR-V offers exceptional best in class superior standard feature driven performance.


What’s next for CR-V?

Torque News participated in Honda’s Huntington Beach introduction of the “refreshed” 2015 CR-V SUV; at that time the best selling SUV in North America. I wasn't expecting much change for CR-V scheduled for a major model re-do in 2016.What I witnessed was the resurrection of a long-standing but stale North American icon.

My friends down in Torrance at American Honda Motors headquarters are in general a tight lipped group. Despite a media leak(or two) over the past few months, Honda doesn't tend to announce ground breaking developments prematurely.

Upgrades for 2015 Honda CR-V is what Honda PR refers to as a substantially “refreshed” CR-V SUV. This time Robyn and the group down at Honda PR did a commendable job at hiding a gross understatement. CR-V is substantially upgraded and visually massaged for 2015 and is driving Honda light truck sales to new highs; it’s that good!

Generally, I’m not a small SUV fan, 2015 CR-V is the exception

When I first arrived in ”Surf City” for Honda’s unveiling of the refreshed CR-V, I was a bit skeptical. As a life-time Honda owner and product aficionado, CR-V failed to impress me. The week before the event had been spent driving a 2014 CR-V In Santa Cruz, Ca. I found the 2014 model to be high in visual production quality but low in seat and ride comfort.

I also took exception to CR-V’s high rpm gear search in an otherwise quality 5 speed automatic transmission. While brake pedal and steering feel was adequate, it wasn't exceptional; ride characteristic, interior noise level and ergonomics remained classic CR-V; my co-pilot Nancy hated it!

I considered cancelling my 2015 Honda CR-V review commitment for fear of writing an exceedingly harsh review of the # 1 selling small SUV in North America.

2015 Honda CR-V surprises

On first look, one notes a subtle change in CR-V’s exterior; re-styled and much improved head and tail lights; Civic Si style lower cowling and fog lamps an improved grill and bumper design. A mild uptick in bling and upgraded rim styling all but hints at what awaits the driver in a much improved CR-V driving environment.

More powerful "EarthDreams" engine, improved fuel economy and CVT transmission

I’m that guy you know down the street that shows up in a new car once or month or so.Thanks to my friends at Honda and Acura I’ve either owned or driven most of if not all Honda manufactured cars and light trucks.

While I won’t step out on the edge of an automotive cliff and compare Honda CR-V’s ride to Odyssey, Pilot,Acura MDX, or Accord Hybrid, I will say that Honda has nailed down the taming of a short-channeled CJ Jeep- like chop once inherent to CR-V; it’s gone, I’m grateful.

Seating surfaces have been measurable improved, the rear bench is best in class; Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4 and Nissan can’t touch it. The ergonomics, road noise level, fit and finish, instrument and control access have all been improved in CR-V for 2015. You may read a full drive and review here.

In closing: Honda is experiencing record sales for CR-V for one reason: 2015 CR-V offers the greatest standard feature value and trim selection in its segment while holding the bottom line.

Looking to a base MSRP of $25,420( plus delivery and applicable fees) for a 4x4 Ex CR-V, when I take upgraded standard features into account, Honda is giving the buyer $600 in free upgrades. The best overall value in its segment,CR-V is well worth the test drive.


JeffS (not verified)    November 5, 2014 - 7:05AM

Good morning Parks, I can't take credit, can't quite remember where I picked up on the slogan, was moons ago, (might have even come from a Honda advertising campaign) has stuck with me since. There is something about Honda that is very appealing, it's hard to put your finger on it, but I think allot has to do with them following their own path, they seem to be reluctant to follow the, "Crowd" and therefore offer up some unique choices that can't quite be found elsewhere. I'm not bashing other Mfgs., Honda is certainly not the only game out there that is worth playing, it's just their game comes off as a little bit different, for me anyway that's the appeal, (the fact that they screw together a quality car doesn't hurt). As you have stated many times, comes down to personal taste and perception. Right on Parks, WRITE on.