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First Civic Type-R engine swap revealed at 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas

Although Honda Performance development is very clear as to CTR K20CI’s lawful application, our friends from Roadshow have a bit of fun with its possible applications in Video


The big new today circulating the buzz that is Civic Type-R comes from 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas, the biggest automotive aftermarket show off them all. Last week, Art St Cyr and the crew at HPD (Honda Performance Development) the racing wing of Honda, announced the “racing only” availability of the manufactured in America CTR K20C1. This is the high output 2.0L engine that motivates the well received 2017 Civic type-R.

For 6519.87 and proof of race car application, HPD will ship you the CTR K20CI

Developing a peak 306 horsepower, and 1295 lb-ft torque, private and corporate sponsored racing teams around the world will look to the turbocharged wonder to power their on and off road endeavors. In speaking with HPD engineers during a recent Fit Sport press reveal, confidence runs high that the track and road tested CTR K20C1 is mechanically bulletproof, and will run a season under race conditions without rebuild. Although HPD can provide engine rebuild and individual track mapping when and if required. I found Civic type-R’s torque to be astoundingly good on the road to the Redwoods.

Emme Hall off road desert racer, Civic Type-R fan

In the Road Show video we find fellow everything auto junky, off-road racer Emme Hall kidding a bit about the possibility of dropping Honda’s latest “racing only” crate motor into your street sled. Well, we all think about. I’ll leave it at that. In Roadshow’s video we view the first Type-R engine application installed in a Civic Si coupe platformed SCCA race car. Looking good!

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