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Don't pay a premium for 2017 Honda Civic Si

We’re reading on the internet about 2017 Civic Si buyers agreeing to pay a premium for the relatively limited production 2017 Honda Civic Si. True enough, the 10th generation Civic Si is a limited production offering. But, is it worth a premium?

It's the oldest car sales technique in the game. And yes, when a specific car model offering is extremely limited, like the soon to arrive 2018 Honda Civic Type-R, dealerships will in fact charge a premium on an available car, more often than not the residual of a pre-ordered sale that didn’t come to fruition -- or a mandatory factory inventory order, without a specific buyer. I drive 2017 Civic Si in the California Mojave Desert.

Don’t pay a premium for 2017 Civic Si

2017 Civic Si, while offering measurable performance for the dollar, is not Civic Type-R, and my Honda-Torque News dealership network search finds Civic Si available at select dealerships listed online at factory MSRP. Again, that may not be the case at your specific friendly neighborhood Honda dealer.(all Honda dealerships are independently owned) What sets this Civic Si apart from the competition?

Honda_Turbo_TYpe-R_EngineCivic Si has never been a high volume produced Honda model

Nore will it be. As with all new vehicles, I suggest a multiple dealership search. And frankly, you may not find a new generation Civic Si in stock at many outlets. But when you do, test drive it, love it, and negotiate your best deal. The initial 2017 Civic Si production run will take a few weeks to gear up, and a few more to catch up with pre orders. In this case, a bit of patience will pay off in dollar dividend. Good luck hunting for your 2017 Civic Si, it’s well worth the effort.