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Consumers Sing Praise for 10th Generation Honda Civic

Looking to Honda Civic owner forums from around the globe, the vast majority of 2016 Honda Civic sedan and coupe buyers (mostly) sing praise for 10th generation Honda Civic.

According to American Honda Motors, Civic is once again the best selling compact sedan in North America, upstaging Toyota Corolla and Honda’s 2nd best seller, the 2016 Accord. That’s great news for Honda, and positive confirmation of choice for consumers purchasing the totally redesigned 10th generation Civic.

The automotive press first experience the 2016 Honda Civic turbocharged touring in the canyons of Malibu, California -- we were collectively blown away.

Roomier, more powerful and refined, but how’s the build quality

If a compact 4 door sedan or coupe could sell on looks alone, 2016 Civic would take the segment hands down. The European inspired body line, drive dynamic and uptick interior accoutrements, are driving Civic sells to levels not seen in this millennium. That’s cool, but how’s the build quality.

From where I sit, pretty darn good. Yet, a handful of Civic buyer’s report an annoyance or two, as generally experienced by any new car buyer -- misaligned trunk lids --less than quality door seals -- rain fogged headlight covers, and a glitchy stereo amplifier or two.

But I’m referring to a handful of reported manufacturing assembly glitches in a sea of new Civics -- as of the end of April 2016 -- 122,634 sold year to date -- up 28.9% for 2016. That’s an astounding number!

I just had my “week in the seat” of a 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring, and outside of a rather stiff pre set lumbar support, have nothing but positive accolades for Honda’s latest best seller. Of course being an objective, discerning auto writer, I poured over my Honda test ride with a scrutinizing eye and gloved hand -- finding little to no manufacturing shortcuts, flaws or parts commissions.

As to the turbocharged drive dynamic, what’s not to love. More power, fuel efficiency, a much improved drive dynamic and interior quiet -- 2016 Civic presents an astounding uptick from past generations -- yet Honda holds the entry level MSRP.

Granted, our test mule had been driven hard by the Pacific Northwest auto writer hoard. And at 4800 miles, while showing zero sign of general wear, did produce a minor squeak or rattle at times. I emphasis minor! As to the glitchy rain sensing windshield wipers, foggy headlamp covers, questionable door seals, misaligned trunk lids and less than quality carpet mats, I found none of that.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe astounds

Reading Monday’s email trail, I note a comment thread from “Billy 4202,” a member of the forum. Billy test drove 2016 Civic Turbo Coupe on a recent service visit to his local Honda dealership, and walked away impressed. From this side of your monitor I send wishes for a happy, safe and successful Monday. Cheers!