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2016 Honda Civic owners note flexible hood and door panels

It’s not unusual for auto manufacturers to employ thin high tear-strength metals and alloys in today’s fuel saving designs. Has Honda gone too far with 2016 Civic flexible hood and door panels?

Monday morning’s in box contained an owner’s forum comment thread from CivicX.Com addressing a handful of concerns as to the “thinness” of Honda Civic sheet metal, specifically the “flexable” hood and trunk lids. “Skullan” from eastern Ontario stated while washing his 2016 Civic for the first time, “some spots on the hood would buckle somewhat” while hand washing. Skullan is concern that the hood is too thin.

It ain't no thing Skullan!

Back in October Torque News reported on the larger yet lighter 2016 Honda Civic. The touring model does employ the use of an aluminum hood and high tensile strength steel in strategic areas. While this may feel a bit strange when washing, we’re confident that your hood, trunk, door panels, etc, will return to their stamped shape after deflection -- that’s what they’re designed to do.

Lighter, stronger

The upsized 2016 Civic is 60 pounds lighter than the outgoing 9th generation Civic, offering greater horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Despite the use of lighter body panels, frame, suspension, engine and transmission components, 2016 Civic’s frame and body assembly tests out with greater rigidity, and accident impact deflection, resulting in a superior drive and ride performance while affording greater driver and passenger safety.Read our latest 2016 Civic drive review here.

Give us a nod when your hood doesn’t return to form

We know that panel flex can be a bit of a mind bender -- when your car’s body appears to deflect on the slightest touch. Believe me when I tell you that this phenomenon is not exclusive to 2016 Honda Civic. Modern metals, plastics and paints are formulated to work this way in today’s high tech, safety obsessed auto industry. Drop Torque News a line when the 2016 Honda hood fails to return to its molded shape when washing -- that’s news, we’ll pass it on to Honda.

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This story made my day. I just bought a new 2016 Forester and I can see the hood deflecting when I drive on the highway (yes, it is properly closed). The observation makes more sense now and I'm glad to know it is not just my vehicle that has this type of design.
Welcome John. Enjoy your new Forester, I owned several Subarus over the years, all reliable and fun to drive.