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American Honda expands 2016 Civic lineup without wagon varient

Honda fans ask for more and get it as American Honda expands, improves and reinvents the entire Civic lineup. Were's my wagon?

For some Honda fans, change is never quite enough, is it? Today while taking a cruise through a Honda owners forum or two, we discovered that a handful of old-school holdouts yearn for a Honda Civic Sport-Wagon for North America. Hey, where’s my wagon?

While the old-school “Station Wagon” labeling and look of yester-year’s family hauler has long fallen by the wayside, a handful of holdouts, dare we call them wagon-fanatics, stand ready in waiting for Honda to pull the trigger on the launch of a Civic platformed 5 door wagon variant for North America and beyond.

Alright, we’ll take the bait, what do you want?

Honda Civic wagons of the past are not strangers to North America. They were a staple family hauler long before the Honda, Acura crossover SUV craze took a foothold. Never high volume sellers, these 5 door(hatchback) Honda wagons can be found in various, engine, drivetrain configurations and body variants. In-fact, Today’s Fit and HR-V can trace DNA lineage to the Honda wagons of yesteryear.

The subcompact and compact 5 door hatchback and SUV replaces “Wagon” in North America

For 2016 Honda expands the Civic lineup to include a 5 door hatchback manufactured in England and imported to the U.S.. We can state without reservation that a conventional Civic based station wagon, similar to the Civic “Tourer” wagon (referred to a hatchback in Europe) is not in the schedule for North American import.

Where’s my Civic Wagon...

While the European Civic Tourer Wagon is a beautifully proportioned car, North American drivers have voted with their wallets by purchasing the car-based unit-bodied CR-V crossover in record numbers; effectively usurping demand for conventional wagons in the U.S.and Canada.

Next in the lineup is HR-V, estimated to sell no fewer than 75,000 units in its first full year of production. We’ve driven it, we like it!

Honda has committed to importing a U.K. manufactured Civic 5 door hatchback, hopefully a Type-R variant while presenting the 10th generation Civic “World-Car” to the North American Civic fan base sometime in late 2015 or early 2016. There is no talk of importing the Civic Tourer Wagon.

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Good morning Parks. Maybe with all that is new coming from Honda, they are waiting to offer it to the US market, (so they will have something, "New" to offer in the not to distant future). My guess is that it would do well over here. Have a Good one.
iIm with you JeffS...As much as I appreciate a sports-wagon format, Acura learned a lesson or two with the TSX wagon. I may be way off base here, but I just don't see a wagon coming down the line anytime soon, Unless.... Honda pulls the trigger on a clean diesel model. And that would simply be a low -production niche offering.
Didn't think of that, I guess the TSX wagon was such a flash in the pan, it never occurred to me. I do agree with you, for a Wagon, it looks good, even sporty. If I am not mistaken, VW is giving a wagon version of their Golf a try, be interesting to see how that fairs. This article brings to mind the HUGE Land Yachts the Big Three offered in yesteryear. Like the Buick Roadmaster, which you could probably fit a Civic coupe into. Regarding the TSX wagon, now that you refreshed my memory, as I recall, got great reviews from the car mags. and alike. Just goes to show, sometimes a, "Winner" is not. I've said it before, the car market is so fickle. Have a Great day Parks.
It is good looking though!
JeffS VW Golf Wagon already sold 1228 of their wagons in May 2015. The Jetta version sold 260 of whats left of the ols stock this May 2015. I love wagons.
Good Day Paul. "Thanks", looks like VW's wagon is off to a good start. I'm a Honda guy, (personal preference). Just as Honda did, VW went through some tough times. Just as Honda is doing, VW is upping it's game. Let the Eurasian car wars begin, as a result everybody wins. Be Well.