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Acura teases ‘Precision Concept Car’ prior to 2016 Detroit Auto Show reveal

Acura teases the latest Precision Concept prior to its 2016 Detroit North American International Auto Show reveal.

Just another Acura Concept car? I think not.

The lines are gorgeous, hinting to the future of Acura design while carrying the flavor of the present lineup forward. this sneak peek of what Acura labels the “ Precision Concept,” is just that, and much more. Do you see the 2017 NSX inspired nose in the Acura Precision Concept?
2017_Acura_NSXA bit of history

Over the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of following and reporting on the rebirth of America’s “precision” car, it's been one heck of a ride!

With the unveiling of Acura TLX performance sedan, 2016 ILX refresh, and the much upgraded 2016 MDX 3-row SUV and RDX crossover, Acura is well on its way to recapturing not only the imagination of the metric performance car buyer, but the buyer that puts quality and precision miles ahead of gross horsepower and torque numbers. And that in my opinion is a growing market.

The sensible performance car

The originated in America Acura brand has long stood for premium initial quality, mechanical precision, decent fuel economy, and reasonable good looks. Granted, there’s been a bump or two on the road to segment dominance. Today, Acura has one of the lowest recall rates in the automotive industry, they’re that good!

With the reveal of Acura’s near future-forward design directive, it becomes rather apparent that much like Honda goes after the jugular of Audi, BMW and Toyota, with the presentation of the much evolved European inspired 2016 Civic Touring Sedan, Acura moves into the future with all cylinders firing. And, in their sites is BMW 5 Series, Lexus GS 350, and Mercedes Benz E-Class.

A few final thoughts

I’ve driven the entire Acura lineup from the ILX to the Starship RLX Sports Hybrid. On the SUV side of the lot, I’ve driven the 2015 and 2016 MDX SUV and RDX crossover. As a previous Acura owner, NSX driver and MDX lover, I can tell you this: Acura engineering, fit and finish quality, drive and road handling, as well as visual appeal, remains on an upward trajectory.

From where I sit Acura is well on its way to being the best selling premium brand in North America. Check out breaking Acura NSX news here.

Take a moment to closely study Acura’s teaser image. You’re looking at the future in attainable, quality constructed, premium personal conveyance.