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ABC News rattles Honda Accord owners with sensational theft report

Bottom line: Most Honda owners will disregard Tuesdays ABC News, Accord and Civic auto theft report as redundant when looking to the numbers.

ABC News in search of a post holiday weekend report, shared with us that Honda Accord is the “most stolen” car in North America. Civic ranked #2 and Toyota Corolla # 3. Noted, these are the best selling cars in North America.

It’s the type of hype driven news that merits a minute or two of due diligence on behalf of the reader. When looking to the comment section of ABC’s article thread, we found one theme in common with those that chose to respond. They dismissed the warning as irelivent based on the numbers. However, we have to hand it to reporter Susanna Kim for shedding light on the lighter side of the article, while providing us with an important fact or two.

Best selling car in North America, most stolen car in North America.

To us at Torque News-Honda, this news is no news, bordering on laughable. Our apologies to those Honda owners that have experienced an auto theft. We’ve experienced it and find it to be an inexcusable, grievous mental and financial assault. Did I park it here; was it repossessed for a late car payment; did my ex wife, husband, boyfriend or kid take it?

Bottom Line: When looking to the numbers, the theft of your Honda is most improbable. However, common sense- driven caution is advised.

According to LoJack, a company that offers a technology that can track anything from baby brother Billy, a missing favorite pair of track shoes, laptop computer and yes, your car, the Honda Accord was the most stolen car in North America for 2013. The Accord made the top of LoJack’s list with Civic and Toyota Camry following closely, five years running.

Honda Accord and Civic were in good company as Toyota, Chevy Silverado, Acura Integra, Escalade, Ford F350, Nissan Altima and Chevy Tahoe topped the list of the most stolen cars in North America.

It’s a parts thing…

According to the insurance industry affiliated National Insurance Crime Bureau, 8,637 Accords were stolen in 2013 with the 1996 Accord topping the list. The older the Honda the rarer and more expensive used parts become. Demand is high for long-running Honda parts.

Blame it on your favorite junk yard, automotive body shop. According to the NICB, a “parted out” Accord has a 300% market value. In this case, pure profit. With 10 million Accords built in Marysville, Ohio since 1989, demand for parts is high.

While Honda doesn't have the magic number on file, we’ll assume that due to Honda quality and the near rock-star status enjoyed by older Hondas, 70+% of all Hondas manufactured in North America remain on the road today.

We know that Honda provides as standard equipment some of the most reliable theft deterrent electronics in the industry. According to Honda spokesperson Chris Naughten, your late model Accord is equipped with passive as well as a state of the art “Immobilizer Theft Deterrent System." In other words, once the ignition key is pulled or lockless entry device is inactivated, the wheel is locked and the engine won’t start.
Gone in 60 seconds.

Yes, the older Honda’s are easier to steal. However, the installation of a “Club” wheel locking device and motion activated horn alarm system will help deter the theft of your older Honda. What we’ve discovered over the years is that the probability of your Honda being stolen is miniscule. The numbers are in your favor.

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