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2018 Lexus LC500H Justifies Car Guy’s Super Coupe Obsession

In a world of $100,000 premium performance cars lives one Lexus Hybrid that leaves me contemplating refinancing the house to buy one. The total package that is 2018 Lexus LC 500 H almost justifies this car guy’s supercoupe obsession.

There's no arguing 2018 Lexus LC 500 coupes visual curb appeal. In either variant, gasoline V8 powered, or the subject of this diatribe, the turbocharged V6, co generated gasoline/electric motivated hybrid -- LC500H is a chunky, wide-tracked, low to the tarmac, head turner.

Frankly, you won’t see many of them on the road, they’re pricey, even by Lexus standard. Yet, after spending a week on the road in both variants, I’ve deemed the full size, in-your-face, Corvette slayer worth every penny.

Yes, LC500H does measure up to the visual in exceptional performance and comfort

Lexus captures the glory days of luxury European touring cars, and injects the perfectly proportioned high performance coupe with exceptional ergonomics, interior quiet, and road taming active suspension dampening. The well planned cockpit is finished in butter-smooth leather timed seats, dash, soft touch contact points, with Alcantara fabric door panel inserts. Check out Torque News Lexus expert John Goreham's latest article on headlamp ratings.

Well placed instrumentation, integrated mouse-like touchpad command, smart wheel and massive centered color touch-screen monitor compliments the minimalist confines of the maker’s 2nd highest priced coupe. The bonus for the Autophile is the occasional electric-only take-off and occasional drive mode.

As with Acura NSX sport hybrid, Lexus employes turbocharged gasoline V6 power for the extended cruise, with multiple electric motors adding to combined torque, thus, resulting in a thrilling premium performance drive and ride experience while approaching 25 mpg on the highway. Remembering that LC500H tips the scales at well over 4,000 lbs, puts the luxury coupe into perspective when it comes to fuel efficiency and road handling. Impressive, and substantial is an understatement.

With a fully equipped MSRP just south of $100,000, LC500H remains a limited production made in Japan premium offering -- worth every penny! Torque News experienced the V8 powered LC500 last Fall. Approaching 500 horsepower, this coupe is a high performance mind bender.

Our 2018 Lexus Coupe is visually captivating

The pearl white monochrome painted body is accented with a black-out glass ceiling. Our pre-production model does not sport a power moonroof, but the overhead controls hint to one in the coupes future. Complimenting the body line are enormous 20 inch polished alloy wheels wrapped in high-speed rated all weather tires. From every angle LC500H is drop dead gorgeous, including the rather pronounced ginormous diamond grill.

Looking to the heads up digital display, we’d exceeded 100 MPH, there was little perception of speed inside the coupe.

Putting 2018 Lexus LC500H through its paces, one discovers a very unique, and more often than not reserved for the financially well heeled drive and ride experience. The ride is so refined at high speed that while sitting behind the wheel, the driver loses any perception of great speed. Much like residing in a first class seat aboard a jet while traveling at 500 knots, space-time continuum is bent by LC5000H.

As sad as that disclosure may be to those of us that miss the hot seat and bone jarring ride of last century sports cars, the end result of Lexus refinement is little to no fatigue experienced while traveling in the Lexus super coupe.

Lexus LC500H is happiest on the long dive.

The all weather, road taming LC500H while most fuel efficient in town, truly shines on the long drive. Thanks to an infinitely adjustable power seat, exceptional climate control, and state of the Audio Art concert quality sound system, your daily commute will melt away, leaving you wanting more drive time.

Row? I forgot about it. It’s there, but unless you or your passenger is slight, and short in stature, row 2 is best suited for holding a briefcase or two. The bonus of an unused 2nd row is enough leg-room in the driver’s seat for a Los Angeles Lakers basketball player. For full specifications, MSRP and available options, check this out.