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2018 Honda Odyssey: You meet the nicest people in a Honda

Admittedly, I’ve spun a headline based on Honda’s iconic buzz phrase of the 1960s. What can I tell you, I’m old school. Our story begins on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha!


At the base core of Honda’s ongoing brand growth and sales success in the United States lies a company wide mantra of team spirit and family values; driver and family safety; environmental concern; as well as product reliability and time-proven exceptional long-term ownership value. 2018 Honda Odyssey optimizes core company values, with an emphasis on all-in-the-family participation through person to vehicle hands-on connectivity. How’d gramps like the reinvented Odyssey?

Honda’s is a contagious dynamic, you meet the nicest people in a Honda

Back in the day America’s first mainstream Japanese imported motorcycle, the bike that undermined Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycle sales was the mighty Honda 50 Cub. Along with that advent came the jingle: “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” This was my first Honda.

That public relations jingle would launch American Honda Motors into to the iconic segment sales topping brand that it is today. Yet, without buyers, more specifically, families and mothers with young growing children, we would not have a minivan segment, and, the Honda Odyssey would not be the best selling minivan in the U.S., 7 out of the past 10 years -- its sales are family, people driven.2018_Honda_Odyssey_Kona_McCantsOur friend Colleen Padilla and her beautiful family demonstrate the reinvented Odyssey

While kicking it on Kona, I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy fame and her very happy family. Outgoing, enthusiastic, and family-centric, Colleen epitomizes the busy, helpful, well researched, and knowledgeable consumer young mother of the now generation. Did I mention that’s she’s outgoing and fun? Her husband and kids, fantastic! The 2018 Honda Odyssey may very well be the perfect “ all in the family” minivan.