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2017 Honda Civic Type R is the joy of performance driving personified

World lap record times are cool. But for the sport driver that employs their out-of-the-box factory racer for the everyday commute, 2017 Honda Civic Type-R brings a measurable injection of drive and ride refinement to a rarefied segment.

Monday morning comes with the news that a pre-production North American specification 2017 Civic Type-R now holds the official Nurburgring track record as the fastest production front wheel drive car in the world -- and yes, you too may purchase one, soon.

We’ve covered Type-R developments here at Torque News for the better part of 3 years, and congratulate Honda performance fans for compelling the development and import of the first Honda to ever wear the Type-R designation to North America. We first confirmed North American Civic Type-R development here.

Date of Honda Civic Type-R dealership arrival and MSRP still pending

Which of course is feeding speculation throughout our Honda performance fan base, to the point of spinning a lower priced bare-bones Civic Type-R offering for 2018. Our friends at American Honda love the buzz. But truthfully, there's no fact behind the factoid. And looking to the stated Mid $30K ($35,000+) for the well equipped car-club ready 2017 Civic Type-R that just (again) captured a Nurburgring world track record, I’m thinking 2017 Honda Civic Type-R is looking like a measurable performance bargain as priced. Taking it down a hyper notch or two, 2017 Civic Si brings turbocharged torque to the mild compact performance segment.

Looking to Honda’s roll-out schedule

Assuming that the 2017 Honda Civic Si arrives at dealerships sometime in June 2017, we might see the first Civic Type-R’s roll in from Swindon sometime in late Summer, or early Fall. That’s just an educated guess coming from a Honda insider.

In the meantime: This Monday morning we witness 2017 Honda Civic Type-R driving through the German countryside on the road to Nurburgring. This Civic Type-R for the Honda performance fan, is the joy of driving personified -- the heart and soul of Honda performance.

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