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2016 Honda HR-V perfect hatchback for personal customizing

Attending 2015 SEMA Show Las Vegas was an eye opener for this gearhead. A friend from Honda asked me what was my favorite car at SEMA? Seriously, I couldn’t answer that question.


Sitting in the far right corner of what is arguably the biggest custom auto and aftermarket accessory show on the planet was American Honda Motors and Acura Division. There sat 2016 Honda HR-V, in my opinion, the perfect hatchback for personal customizing.

SEMA is so darn big that one really need spend an hour or two just to gain some bearings as to any given manufacturer's location within the chrome-laden, tech-intense, and immeasurably distracting world of SEMA. It makes the Los Angeles Auto Show seem almost compact, docile and restrained in comparison.

Honda and Acura: A bit understated by SEMA Show standards

It took me 30 minutes or so to locate Honda. Walking through acres of performance off-road racers, monster trucks, high performance Detroit tin,(The Big 3 Dominate SEMA) world-class metric tuner-fodder and bench ready bolt on engine-performance modifications, can leave an attendee dizzy as a Yellow Jacket smacked with the business section of the New York Times. I was here to see the 2016 Honda Ridgeline, where was it?

SEMA is mind boggling, and more than just a bit humbling as to scope and personal automotive-build-budget realization. The financial excess demonstrated in the world of custom, performance automotives at SEMA is stunning, this is the World Series of automotive aftermarket.

2016 Honda HR-V is ripe for “doable” customization

While Torque News has shared several Honda Civic Tuner stories, and last year’s SEMA Honda Fit Project, we’ve yet to touch on what I consider to be a natural choice as to an affordable mild customization, or Honda-Hot-Hatch fodder.

As stated in an earlier article, 2016 Honda HR-V is the perfect candidate for affordable 5 door Hatchback modification. Looking to the SEMA Floor, 4 builders agree with me.

Honda hands the keys over to 4 custom car builders, HR-V aftermarket explodes

From the mild to the ‘hot pink’ over the top Tjin Edition SEMA HR-V, four HR-V project cars populated the Honda display. The world’s first turbocharged HR-V,(according to Bisimoto) a rally sport HR-V prepared by Fox Marketing, the MAD Industry prepared HR-V complete with towing hitch, trailer and custom motorcycle is for our readers that have obsessed (just a bit) about the absence of a specified tow rating for HR-V, yes, it can tow.

Standing next to American Honda Motors Vice President and General Manager Jeff Conrad, we agreed in unison as to the appeal of the simple yet elegant approach to personalized HR-V exhibited through the white, custom wheeled, matching trailer and customized Grom mini motorcycle presented by MAD Industries.

This HR-V touches on a very doable approach to customization. Although I must admit, taking my eye’s off of the hot pink Tjin Edition SEMA HR-V was a bit of a challenge. “Fat and over the top,” pretty much captures the Tjin entry.

Chris from MAD Industries will be sharing with us full specifications and cost for his latest build, we’ll share what we discover later on in the week.

230 horsepower HR-V

For straight pedal to the metal and sinister good looks we give Bisimoto of Ontario, California the thumbs up for creating arguably the “baddest” street legal HR-V in North America. This Turbocharged, E.C.U., tuned , suspension modified fire breather will give the 2015 SEMA award winning “Hottest Sport Compact” a run for the money, Honda style.