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2016 Honda Fit, HR-V on track for record sales year

Looking to the numbers American Honda’s “one-two” sub compact punch is on path to a record setting sales year with 12,720 + units sold in May.


With the end of May comes the news that Honda’s built in Mexico Fit, and its platform sharing cousin HR-V, is posting unprecedented sales strides in an automotive segment with no shortage of affordable, fuel efficient, and mostly fun to drive competition.

As predicted by Torque News back in early 2014, Fit has been positioned by American Honda Motors to fill the market gap vacated by Honda’s bellwether Civic; long the foundation of the North American Honda car lineup. With the now classified compact, up-sized and much refined Civic came an average MSRP $ thousands beyond the budget of many entry-level buyers, in drives the innovative Fit, as they say “The rest is history.”

Honda fans wanted an affordable hatchback, they now have 2

We’ve spent much seat time in both Honda Fit and the May dealership released 2016 HR-V crossover. While not the “same” vehicles per say, both sub compacts offer segment leading fuel efficiency, interior volume, configurable seating, cargo capacity and sporting good looks.

During our recent visit to Phoenix, Arizona, we found 2015 Fit to be an exceptional purchase and drive value based on interior accouterments, passenger capacity and overall engine performance and road handling characteristics. After driving the competition, we believe that Fit offers the greatest value in the subcompact 5 door hatchback segment. And, it is fun to drive!

2016 HR-V brings long awaited all-wheel-drive option back to subcompact segment

Looking through Civic history we find more than one model year and variant offering Honda fans a subcompact AWD option; some packaged in a 3 door or 5 door Hatchback configuration. for 2016 we find the return of a powerful and much refined sub compact 5 door crossover (if you will) with available AWD and CVT options.

Torque News spent some quality seat time behind the wheel of 2016 HR-V, AWD and walked away smiling. As with 2015 Fit, we discover a quality packaged 5 door sport hatch featuring the highest EPA MPG in the segment, yet retaining measurable torque to road transfer and mild off-road capabilities. You may catch our latest 2016 HR-V drive impressions here.

A final thought or two

Back in 2014 we predicted that Honda Fit would usurp Civic in sales volume. With the unveiling of this car we'll back off on that assertion just an inch or two. However, present sales momentum indicates that Fit will close out the year well north of 100,000 units. That’s if one takes into account the month over month increase of 80+, two months running. After a handful of initial release teething pains, our reader responds to the all new Fit is very positive.

On the heels of Fit comes 2016 HR-V with 6,000+ units sold in the first 2 weeks of the subcompact crossovers dealer release. The public’s response to HR-V is akin to Honda’s glory days, something that this journalist will be happy to revisit. Next week Torque News spends a few days behind the wheel of 2016 HR-V, we intend to work it a bit!


John Goreham    June 3, 2015 - 6:24PM

I saw the Fit this past week in Bermuda. In that country of about 70,000 total vehicles the Fit is one of the larger non-taxi vehicles on the roads. It looked like the perfect vehicle for the smaller infrastructure. Very handsome and it does look a lot like a CRV from behind.

JeffS (not verified)    June 4, 2015 - 6:12AM

Good morning Parks. First just an update on the replacement airbag for my Brothers CR-V which was just recently included in the expansion of the Takata recall fiasco. Done and he is back on the road. He was given, "the red carpet treatment" by his dealer. He had about 1/4 tank of gas when he brought it in, a full tank and a freshly detailed SUV when he left, "Gratus" by the dealer. The dealer did an excellent job. Let me add, that in my own personal experience, with various brand dealer work done over the years, Honda rises to the top, (do most of my own work, except for warrantee work). I might add, purchasing a total of 6 new Honda/Acuras over the years, they have provided me with the best Auto buying experience. Always got a, "Great deal", no pressure, gladly spent as much time as needed to make me feel comfortable with the purchase and the cars were always prepped beautifully for pick up. Few comments regarding this article; Honda's, "Renascence" has just begun. The new Civic coming our way is going to be a, "Phenomenon". Honda's past glory days will prove to be just a prelude to the success they will be experiencing for years to come. They have stepped up to the plate and looks like they are hitting Home run after Home run. Yes indeed, the future over at Honda/Acura is looking brighter than ever. When one Mfg. raises the bar, it's good for the entire industry. Competition serves everybody well, the Mfgs., the Dealers, and most importantly the Consumers. Way to go Honda! All Best Parks.

Parks McCants    June 4, 2015 - 11:06AM

In reply to by JeffS (not verified)

Good morning JeffS. When I ponder the volume of Honda cars and light trucks on the road today, I'm astounded by the ratio of positive to negative commentary found on this site and others as to customer service at the hands of your local Honda dealership. My brush with the heads of Honda and Acura Division, all down-line executives and support personnel, confirm my assertion that Honda lives by the "Customer first" mantra. Know that my observation comes from a broad-based consumer, past sales and service specialist vantage-point: No one cares more about backing the product and satisfying the individual customer than Honda does. Thanks for the kudos, I'll pass them on.