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2016 Honda Civic Coupe spied on the road to L.A. Auto Show

As announced by Torque News, 2016 Civic Coupe will make its world debut the week of the Los Angeles Auto Show. A friend of ours just sent us a spy-shot from L.A.

I know, spoiler alert! As with the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, by the time that Civic Coupe is revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, or the day before as rumored by our friend HondaPro Jason, we’ll all know that Honda Engineering has done a commendable job in closely following the design directive of the latest presented 2016 Civic Concept, down to the shade of green.

If in-fact the image above our headline is the production 2016 Coupe, and not the Civic Si Coupe as speculated by more than a handful of readers, Honda fans will be lining up to purchase what we believe to be Honda’s next best seller.

1.5 Liter turbocharged Civic Touring Edition
2016_Civic_SedanTorque news recently drove Civic Touring edition through the twisties of Malibu Canyon, California and was more than just a bit impressed by the new found refinement, power and handling prowess exhibited by the 10th generation 2016 Civic touring Sedan. We anticipate no less from Civic Coupe, while pondering the road handling capability of this exceptionally good looking, 170 plus horsepower, high torque producing quality built Coupe.

European Type-R inspired

In looking to the specifications of the World-Compact-Platform 2016 Civic, and spending an hour or so speaking with Honda Engineering, we discover a next generation Civic like no other car in the economy compact segment.

European inspired, and sharing chassis, suspension and low friction engine internal components with the near-future North American specification Civic Type-R, and after driving 2016 Civic, we believe, as does Kelley Blue Book, that Civic is the best overall purchase value in the 2015 North American auto market, period!

Thanks to CivicX.Com we have a viable preview photo of 2016 Civic Coupe right down to the trunk wing. Well done guys!