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2016 Honda Civic wins K.B.B. ‘Best Buy Award’ before hitting the streets

The reinvented 10th generation Civic frenzy continues with Kelley Blue Book awarding this formidable compact sedan its highest honor before hitting the streets.

Last year, the #1 selling pickup in North America, Ford F-150 was awarded “Best Buy” for 2015. This year the recognition goes to American Honda Motors for the all new 10th generation 2016 Honda Civic. K.B.B. calls the ‘under $20,000,' 2016 Civic an exceptional purchase value.

With 300 cars and light trucks initially considered by Kelley Blue Book for this coveted designation, 49 finalist were whittled down into categories, and then rated on everything from base price, standard features, exceptional options, fuel economy, comfort, road handling, initially perceived durability and safety ratings. Not necessarily in that order, but you get it, 2016 Civic was driven through the gauntlet and came out the highest overall-best-buy rated car in North America.

2016 Civic on trajectory for record sales

Based on Torque News readership, comments received, and our initial drive review, 2016 Honda Civic will come off the production line a # 1 sales leader; not only in the economy compact sedan segment, but for American Honda Motors as a whole. Will Civic production meet consumer demand? That remains a question to be answered.

Last Monday we spoke with our dealership network connections, they’re anticipating an initial delivery of 2016 Civic Sedans Thursday November 12, as are all the Honda Dealers in North America. We also have a bit of news as to the arrival of the 2016 Coupe, and should see that car on Honda Dealer lots before the end of 2015.

As to the Civic Si, 5 Door Hatchback and Type-R delivery date, that will be awhile. According to our Honda insider, Si should be coming down the production line in early spring 2016, with the manufactured in England Civic Hatchback and Type-R following shortly, possibly by mid year 2016.

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