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2016 Honda Civic comes to Dealers Nov. 12, 2015

Monday news from Honda came with a confirmation of initial 2016 Honda deliveries. Here’s what we know.

As earlier reported by Torque News, the initial production run of Honda’s 10th generation Civic will be limited to the Sedan variant, with a promise from AHM (American Honda Motors) of a sample or two of the all new World-Compact-Car-Platform Civic delivered to every Honda Dealership the week of Nov. 12, 2015.

We drive all sedan variants and walk away smiling

From the base model, plastic steel-wheel covered 2.0 liter normally aspirated 1-VTEC 4 cylinder gasoline engine 6 speed manual transmission basic transpo-Civic, to the top of the lineup Turbocharged 1.5 liter direct injected Earth Dreams ™engine with CVT transmission and limited slip differential, 2016 Honda Civic Sedan comes to market measurably improved over previous generation offerings.

Increased power, improved ride, quiet interior, greater safety features

For 2016, Honda has reinvented Civic, it’s ‘bread and butter’ transportation car by increasing horsepower, (158 horsepower base model) drive and ride refinement, improving handling and dramatically increasing the ‘smiles per mile’ one experiences while driving perhaps the greatest overall purchase and standard performance value in the economy compact segment. You may read our latest Civic drive review here.

First North America turbocharged Civic

The 2016 Civic Sedan is the most powerful offering in the iconic brand's 43 year history, and one if not the most fuel efficient. Don’t ask us how they do it, but, while pushing 2016 Civic Touring Sedan through the 2-lane twisties of Malibu Canyon, we journalist were collectively blown away by Civic’s new found handling prowess, usable torque, acceleration and welcomed interior quiet.

While we did note a split-second of turbo lag, it was nominal. This year Civic fans can step into a not so economy class euro-like-sedan without blowing the family budget, or experiencing the harsh-ride reality of the Civic Si. * Priced from MSRP $18,640 to $26,550 turbocharged Touring.

A phone call to our dealership network.

In speaking with Kendall Honda Eugene’s General Manager Matt Bodine, we confirmed the tentative arrival of two 2016 Sedans on Thursday November 12. Matt anticipates the arrival of 6 additional Civics in the short term, with Civic EX and LX leading the delivery list. As to the near term delivery of the Coupe or Si variant, Honda’s not saying.

As stated by AHM Vice President and General Manager of the Honda Division

"The new Honda Civic offers incredible value and a fun-to-drive spirit that will take a lot of customers by surprise," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. "This tenth generation Civic exemplifies the incredible engineering strength of Honda and our capacity to deliver something altogether new, unexpected and thrilling for our customers."