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2016 Acura NSX: Monday ‘live’ reveal long time coming (Video)

Monday’s live video feed reveal of Acura’s NSX Sports Hybrid Coupe to be the first time in many years that Acura fans will sense certainty as to the fate of NSX. A car of many firsts, will NSX exceed enthusiasts expectations?

We could stop the article here and allow our friends at Acura to pick up the baton and run with it Monday morning; that wouldn't be any fun. Acura NSX enthusiasts have waited the better part of 7 years for the next generation NSX to hit the showroom floors.

As with the original and subsequent mid-engine, spartan-esq - rear wheel drive aluminum framed NSX of last century and early new millennium,2016 NSX will capture the imagination of a sports-car world looking for value and steller performance. When released for sale in mid-year 2015, 2016 NSX will better the competition with several firsts, and relatively affordable innovations.

2016 Acura NSX will be the first production gasoline/electric hybrid supercar designed and produced in the U.S.A.. If as we anticipate, NSX meets or exceeds media-hyped horsepower and torque figures while utilizing Honda SH-AWD, NSX will be Acura’s next success story on the road to metric segment dominance.

Granted, the very limited production NSX will not dethrone Acura's sales leader. However, with an estimated MSRP just north of $100,000, NSX will give Audi, BMW, Porsche and Toyota a run for the money,while providing Honda with a much needed Halo car in Asian and European markets.

A NSX Roadster in the works: It's being rumored by the press that a NSX Roadster addition will follow in 2017; that press fodder remains unsubstantiated by Acura officials.

Watch Acura’s live unveiling of the 2016 NSX production model, Jan.12 at 11:50 e.t. here.

Torque news will follow with a full report of Acura’s NSX price, specifications and interior details shortly following the press conference.

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Very proud of Acura, this car is amazing in design and specs. Acura is on the right track. This NSX is a winner!
I work for Acura in Ft. Pierce FL. IF anyone wants to reserve a 2016 please contact me at: 772-464-6500 -Rachel
Are you taking orders Rachel? Just returned from SEMA with Acura. No mention of advance order opportunities from Them. Please expand your comment a bit. Thanks.
Yes I am currently taking orders we have two on reserve they will be here in March but you must reserve them now please call 772-464-6500 ask for Rachel