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2015 Honda Fit popularity drives sales record for November

2015 Honda Fit sales were up 55% in November with 6421 cars sold. While price point has much to do with sales momentum, we look to the totally redesigned 5 door hatchback to be Honda’s next big volume seller.


With demand outpacing production, Honda’s made in Mexico Fit is shaping up to be American Honda Motor’s success story for 2015. I predicted back in March that the totally redesigned and more powerful Fit would be positioned as American Honda’s replacement for the up sized Civic.

Allow me to clarify that statement for the Civic loyal. Someday, the entry-level, portal vehicle Fit will surpass the up-sized Honda Civic in sales volume driven by first time buyers and downsizing Honda loyal.

There’s little arguing that 2015 Fit is # 1 in Honda’s lineup for affordability of car ownership and hatchback utility. Now, thanks to “EarthDreams” near zero emissions gasoline engine technology, increased power, improved handling and greater fuel economy, Fit’s appealing to a wider demographic than any other Honda product offered in North America. It’s that hatchback, sport utility thing that’s driving Fit sales. That, and a base MSRP of $15,650 + applicable sales tax and fees if any.

We dropped in at our local Honda dealership Black Friday weekend and checked in on the Fit action. Two days earlier I penned an article on customizing the affordable 2015 Fit EX. That was Friday, By Sunday Kendall Honda had sold 3 Fits per day off of the showroom floor with no exceptional dealership purchase incentives. According to the Kendall crew, Fit moves off the lot within hours of a factory delivery; they’re that popular.

You’ll find my latest take on customizing 2015 Fit EX here. In my most humble opinion the 1.5 L direct injected“ EarthDreams”™ 4 cylinder with 6 speed close ratio manual transmission is ripe for “Tuner” fodder. A few of us at Torque News anticipate Fit aftermarket to explode following 2014 SEMA Las Vegas: we've seen it, we want one.

Back on planet Earth the majority of new Fit fans will utilize this pocket sized utility for everything from moving furniture to packing 4 adults, or 2 adults, 2 children a Labrador and a Chia Pet to the beach. Fit’s interior “magic seat” design, wide rear hatch, and North American proportioned interior lends itself to tasks usually reserved for vehicles CR-V or Honda Odyssey sized.

We find the entry trim level Fit EX to be surprisingly well equipped. For those that want a bit more from Fit, test drive the up-line 2015 Fit EX-L with full tech package. I spent an extended weekend in Los Angeles on some of the worst roads in the nation behind the wheel of Fit EX-L and was more than a bit impressed. Take a moment to relive my Los Angeles adventure here.

Wrapping it up : Prior to Fits newest manifestation I wasn't a big fan. That’s just me, a guy that has had the opportunity to drive most vehicles manufactured over the last few decades. I found the first and second generation Fit to be a bit utilitarian, noisy and under certain conditions, under-powered.

The Japanese developed and manufactured Fit was and always will be known for reliability, low cost of ownership and utility. Today the 3rd generation Fit is manufactured in Mexico for North America. It’s a bit early to measure the reliability of the 2015 Fit. The latest generation Fit is much improved over previous manifestations. We've read a comment or two from our readers about battery problems, that’s about it. If you own the 2015 Honda Fit, we’d like to read your driving and ownership experience here.


Ryan Kielar (not verified)    December 4, 2014 - 2:57PM

I have owned my 2015 Fit LX for about a month and am very satisfied. Coming from vehicles with much more horsepower I was concerned about it being under-powered, but took the risk in trade for the exceptional rear leg room and overall versatility. After a month of driving I have zero regrets. I can't really comprehend it, but the little motor gets the job done and then some. Dare I say it is actually fun to drive around town, and has proven to perform well in snow also. It does have nuances, like road noise and rattles, but nothing that isn't to be expected considering the price point.

Graham (not verified)    December 4, 2014 - 5:22PM

I bought my 2015 Fit in August, and agree that it is going to surpass the Civic. The Fit has better rear leg room than the Civic, more trunk space (this past week I had 4 roller board suitcases plus backpacks in the trunk with the shelf in place and no obstruction of view), and a better stance. The versatility of the "magic seat" sets it apart from all other hatchbacks on the market, and the build quality is excellent.

The CVT automatic transmission gets good gas mileage. I've hit as high as 44mpg on road trips, and don't drop below 30 in city driving; but it does lack in power. I didn't drive the manual version, but I'd guess that it is more responsive.

That's the opportunity for Honda: build an Si version of the Fit. That would top the Mazda Speed 3.

Patrick (not verified)    December 5, 2014 - 2:40AM

Completely disagree that the Fit will exceed the Civic in sales. It just won't happen. The Civic sells over 300k annually and the Fit will be in the 60k-75k range annually. The Celaya plant has 200k capacity and the all-new HR-V will be taking a big chunk of this early next year. Also the plant is rumored to make an Acura version of the HR-V. An all-new, completely redesigned 10th-gen 2016 Civic will be going on sale in the fall of 2015 and will come in sedan and hatchback. Coupe may or may not be in the lineup. The C-segment is one of the most if not THE most competitive segments and the all-new Civic will be right at the top. It's sales are already at or near the top of class. The Civic is Honda's best selling vehicle globally and this will continue.

Parks McCants    December 9, 2014 - 12:39PM

In reply to by Patrick (not verified)

Good day Patrick. The Fit was specifically designed to replace the up-sized Civic in the Sub-Compact classification. Your number's. while spot-on tell but part of the story. I love the Civic Hatch idea, however, my sources at Honda have not eluded to it. Civic's sales have been discontinued in several markets. It will be interesting to view the next generation in North America. * Plenty of room for expansion in Celaya.

Thanks for your thought provoking comment.

oliver hymm (not verified)    December 5, 2014 - 8:03AM


I'm especially looking forward to an HR-V Si.

P Lester (not verified)    December 5, 2014 - 8:51AM

Have had our 2015 Honda Fit LX 6-speed since Sept. 26. Ordered in Feb. after the intro. at the 2013 Detroit Auto show. Previous car was an '08 Honda Fit owned since new (sold July, 2014).
This was purchased to be my "project" car. What I found lacking in our previous generation, upgrades were planned and implemented. Sound-deadening, stereo upgrade, alloy wheels, rear upper tail-light upgrade (as in Japanese Hybrid version), etc....................
Over the month of Oct. the interior was stripped to make way for clean and neat installations, all done in my garage.
Have since put 2,000 miles on the odo. Initially, was able to register a surprising 46 mpg. on the hwy travelling at 60 mph. The upgrades added 200 lbs.+ and with normal driving, the combined city/hwy are hovering around 36 mpg. That's with the A/C on 30% of the time. Pleased to surpass the EPA rating of 32 mpg. combined.
The 6-speed makes this fun to drive. Am enjoying the no-brainer, light clutch and the close-ratio shifter. Although I find unnecessary, the wife is making full use of the hill-brake feature on steeper inclines. Hearing the VTEC operate at higher rpm's is joy to the ears. It does get buzzy at 80 mph but that's been solved with the sound-deadening. So has the majority of tire roar and wind noise. The steering is light, therefore great for city driving and parking. However, for carving up the twisties, it could do with a bit more "feel".
My tip to those shopping, understand what your buying and compare it to its competition and you'll know this is the best choice within the SUB-COMPACT segment. Paid full MSRP (w/ tax & license fees) but was able to eliminate all other nonsense dealer charges.

Gene Christensen (not verified)    December 12, 2014 - 9:36AM

Bought mine in April, but didn't receive it until mid-August. The problem was I wanted that manual transmission. I also hear people are having long waits for some of the colors. Some of that is the great demand, and some of that is the problems in the new plant.

But the car itself is incredible. Put a stick with that i-VTEC and you can do about anything you want with that car. Rev it up and get the power or keep it under 2000 rpms and kill the EPA numbers. In the summer I was averaging about 40 mpg, cold weather has brought me down closer to the advertised numbers. I suspect over the course of a year I'll average somewhere in the 37 mpg range overall, but that takes knowing the engine and knowing how to drive a stick. My one complaint is they did not really add a 6th gear, they added a 4 1/2. A real 6th gear like in the CVT would have put highway miles way up into the 40's. The only possible reason I can conceive for not putting a legitimate 6th into a stick is blowing up the cruise control on a steep freeway hill.

But beyond that the car itself is incredible. If I get tired of it, I merely change the configuration and have a completely different car. Seats down, seats up, some down some up, there must be about 30 different ways to configure it, to haul anything you can imagine. And I've actually gotten one of those lift chair recliners in the back end of it. Best bang for the buck on the market and I expect it'll have traditional Honda reliability.

Parks McCants    December 16, 2014 - 2:52PM

In reply to by Gene Christensen (not verified)

Welcome Gene. I wasn't aware of the recliner capability of the Fit passenger front seat back until I caught it on Honda's Fit site. As you say, exceptional utility. As an automotive review guy, Honda tends to seat me in the top of the line, which in the case of Fit means leather, CVT with paddle shifters and full tech. I've driven last year's manual but not the 2015. Expand a bit on your 6 speed experience. Am I incorrect in assuming that 6th gear in the case of Fit is overdrive? When you reference 41/2 gears, are you referring to the close ratio spacing of the transmission. What is the RPM drop between gears? Thanks.

Gene Christensen (not verified)    December 16, 2014 - 3:41PM

Here are the gear ratios for the 2013 and 2015 manual transmissions:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
2013 manual: 3.31 / 1.87 / 1.30 / 0.95 / 0.73 / R3.31
2015 manual 3.46 / 1.87 / 1.24 / 0.95 / 0.81 / 0.73 / R3.31

The new 6th is the same as the old 5th, the added gear is really a 4 1/2 (recommended use 41 - 43 mph thank you), their claim to a broader gear range is due only to the change in 1st.