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2015 Acura TLX New York unveiling provokes premature criticism

The unveiling of the 2015 TLX in New York received more than a few disappointing reviews online from Acura fans. Many found the TLX prototype to be bolder and a bit edgier than the production offering. We disagree.

American Honda Motors is second to none in escalating market anticipation while building suspense. Why should the Acura division be any different?

Producing and promoting cutting edge technology through video production and staged showmanship, featuring the latest innovative model release, is what Mike Accavitti and the team do best. A fresh transfer from the halls of Honda, Accavitti will take Acura to the next level as a North American sports sedan icon.

The 2014 New York International Auto Show set the stage for Acura’s release of the much anticipated 2015 TLX, and we at Torque News were not disappointed. Following the cars development for months, while posting updates, racing and street promotion video’s, we are not disappointed with the latest member of the Acura lineup.

True enough, New York shows us that much of the bling has been toned down a bit in the production ride. Missing is the candy red paint, ground effects, grill and tail treatment of the concept car.

Most noticeably, the integrated exhaust ports in the lower rear skirt have gone missing. What remains true to the prototype is the dimension of the car, body line, track and suspension stance. While not necessarily cutting edge as to statement through evolution of hard lined meets organic interface( think Audi T.T.,) the Acura does promote a certain intuitive precision-esq, quality driven- based elegance.

In true Acura fashion, the TLX is presented in a relatively conservative slant as to garish display. True to its demographic ties, the TLX will appeal to those wishing to enjoy a tech-filled sports luxury sedan while not necessarily bragging about their financial ability to do so.

Beyond the reduced drag coefficient of the 2015 TLX lies the true beauty of this tech-rich, innovative personal driving conveyance. Claiming 10% more horsepower and 15 % greater torque than the 2014 TSX, the TLX retains the interior space and comfort of the TL and does so with greater fuel economy and handling.

Offering two engine, drive train combinations, all- wheel- drive and all-wheel steering, Acura takes the midsize sports sedan to the performance realm of a car costing twice as much. Nothing in production today can touch the anticipated added value and performance of the 2015 TLX.

The latest member of the Acura lineup offers handling and power characteristics akin to Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. And will do so for $ thousands less than the Europeans.

We look forward to the release of the 2015 TLX late Summer 2014.