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2014 Honda Civic LX tire safety recall smallest ever

Fewer than 9817 Honda Civic LX sedans manufactured in March 2014 may have a defective tire or two. Honda says that the majority of affected cars most likely remain in dealer inventory.
The catch is, you’ll have to call Honda to find out if your car is affected.

Honda announced Saturday, that during a routine production line inspection, there was discovered a malfunction in the equipment that installs tires on the Civic’s steel wheel rim.

In this scenario the installation may or may not have caused “bead damage” when installing the tire. The subsequent internal tire bead damage can evolve into a slit during driving in the tires sidewall and result in the rapid loss of air.

Use your imagination, if the failure occurs at Highway speed, the instantaneous tire deflation can result in a loss of steering control. And at worse, an unavoidable accident. To-date Honda is unaware of any reported accidents tied to the latest voluntary recall.

The probability that you’ve purchased one of the affected Honda LX sedans is minute. However, a phone call to Honda’s recall hotline will set your mind at ease while insuring your driving safety.

Honda informs us that any defective tire discovered in this call to action will be replaced at any certified Honda dealership at no cost to the consumer.

The Honda Civic was the number one selling car in California and the most sold compact class sedan in the U.S. for 2013.

To put the latest recall numbers into perspective, Honda sold more than 360,000 Civic coupes and sedans in North America for 2013.