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"Truck 2.0" - This Epic Cybertruck Video Review Details Everything Including the Exterior Being the Least Outrageous Part

There is a video I'm calling "Truck 2.0", from Hagerty, that outlines everything you could ever want to know about the Tesla Cybertruck and that the outward appearance is the least outrageous thing about it.

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Truck 2.0

The Cybertruck is what happens when a kid asks his dad why the future doesn't look like the future. Elon Musk's son asked this question, and it's a valid question. Hence, the Cybertruck is born.

Pickup trucks have been the same for about 70 years. The Cybertruck has more utility and driving dynamics than any pickup truck available today. It might even be faster than a Porsche 911 as shown by the race at the Cybertruck delivery event.

The Cybertruck raced a Rivian R1T quad-motor and beat it handily. The Rivian R1T quad-motor has a 835 horsepower, 4-motor electric engine. The Cybertruck weights 60 lbs. less despite being 7 inches longer and 4 inches wider. It beat the Rivian using mud tires, whereas the Rivian has performance tires. That's a 0-60 mph of 2.6 seconds.

The Cybertruck then raced a Hummer EV with 1,000 horsepower and a tri-motor engine. The Cybertruck said goodbye to the 1,000 horsepower Hummer EV and beat it even more than it beat the Rivian.

Off camera, they ran the Cybertruck again and the time it did was 2.6 seconds using mud tires on untreated asphalt. This is the Cyberbeast variant, of which 1,000 Foundation series Cybertrucks are being built.

The Cybertruck weights 2,000 lbs. less than the Hummer EV.

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Tesla Engineering Efficiency

Engineering efficiency has many benefits in an EV (electric vehicle). It means you get more speed, more handling, better operating costs, and a better purchase price. Engineering efficiency is everything. With it, you get more range and a smaller battery pack. Without it, you get a bigger battery pack and bloat.

The Hummer EV has a battery pack at nearly twice the size of the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck doesn't need a huge battery pack due to engineering efficiency, and is nearly twice as efficient as a Hummer EV.

Aero-dynamics matters, and the Cybertruck has it. It may look like the original concept truck, but it isn't. It's actually 5% more efficient and reduces the drag coefficient by 25%.

The battery pack uses 1,366 4680 2nd generation battery cells that Tesla designed in-house. These are bigger than the batteries Tesla used in the original Roadster and used from Panasonic and CATL for the Model 3 and Model Y.

The batteries cost far less for Tesla to produce, and the key is that Tesla produces them in-house. Tesla can make the battery pack part of the vehicle in a structural pack. Tesla wants everything vertically integrated, and this makes everything cost less.

Tesla has continually dropped the price of its cars, sometimes by $10,000 or more.

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Tesla also has a high voltage and is the first car to run on a high voltage of 800-volt. You don't have to be an engineering wizard to understand the advantage of high voltage.

If you double the voltage and keep power the same, that's half the current, thus half the wiring, thus saving on materials. It's more efficient and saves money, simply put.

Beyond that, Tesla quadrupled the low voltage system. Most cars have run on 12-volt for decades - 70 years, but Tesla built a 48-volt architecture.

Tesla had enough and sent a pamphlet to every other car company's CEO on how to design a 48-volt system.

Steer-by-wire is the primary benefit of this system. There are no physical connections between the steering wheel and front wheels. All you have to do is turn the car on to be able to turn all 4 wheels. There are motors in the front that turn the front wheels and a motor in the back that turns the back wheels.

5 horsepower is the energy that is run, and this would be too much for a 12-volt system.

Handling and Driving

The Cybertruck has complete by-wire steering, and Tesla finally took the risk to do it. At high speeds, the steering slows down. At low speed, the steering is very sharp and tight, allowing for a very small turning radius.

The Cybertruck was seen next to a go-cart in a race and quickly left it in the dust. The Cybertruck was able to easily make the turns in the race, as was the go-cart. Eventually, the go-cart got close, but it never passed the Cybertruck.

In a traditional truck, the steering and handling would have never been possible.

What do you think about this video review from Hagerty? Is it the most comprehensive video review available on the Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck got 1 million pre-orders based solely on the unique look of it and the stainless steel body. There are many similarities to the DeLorean in this instance.

Both of these cars went into production 4 years after their unveiling. Both vehicles went for sale at a higher price than was originally expected.

Durability, Toughness, and Bulletproof

A sledgehammer was taken against the Cybertruck and swung as hard as possible, hardly making any dent when hitting it.

The stainless steel exoskeleton is an incredibly hard steel - a custom alloy developed in-house. The outside of the Cybertruck is so hard, that it becomes the structure. It's so tough it doesn't need side impact door beams.

The Cybertruck had a 3,100 cart that slammed the Cybertruck at 33 1/2 miles per hour and barely deformed the Cybertruck. After a crash test that totals most car, the Cybertruck would be back on the road after some minor repairs.

Tesla has incredible safety in its vehicles, starting with the Model S and Model Y. The Cybertruck will be one of the world's safest vehicles to be in.

Hagerty says the Cybertruck answer's Elon Musk's son question about the future not looking like the future. The Cybertruck itself answers that question - even if it has a single giant windshield wiper.

Cybertruck Interior and Build Quality

Tesla says the Cybertruck has better structural integrity than a Porsche-911. It also has gorilla grass and is incredibly quiet while riding inside.

It's smooth, fast, and does everything well. The only thing unconventional other than the huge dashboard is the steering wheel. It's disorienting at first, along with having no rearview mirror. You can't see anything out the back. Driving with the tonneau down will cost 10% in range and doesn't make sense.

Is that what matters in the Cybertruck, though? This is meant to be a futuristic and polarizing vehicle.

The Cybertruck is a machine larger than life, and comparing it with a normal automobile would be ridiculous. This was how a comparison of a Lamborghini LM002 was done decades ago against other cars. It, at the time, was an iconic and unique truck.

The Rivian is a step ahead of the conventional pickup truck. It's a modern pickup truck. Tesla went another step further and started from scratch with Chasi construction, stainless steel, steer-by-wire, the 48-volt architecture. All this is brand new and better.


The Cybertruck really is, truck 2.0

Hagerty approached the Cybertruck as a bad joke. He didn't know there was so much substance behind the shape, but more importantly, the inside and architecture.

It took 4 long years because Tesla has been reinventing everything for the Cybertruck. It's truly a unique EV pickup truck that makes the future look like the future.

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Image Credit, Hagerty, Screenshot

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