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Tesla Model Y Long Range Now in Japan and Australia: 150 Million People Now Have Access

Tesla is releasing the Model Y long range in Japan and Australia, brodening its market by 150 million people.

Tesla Model Y Long Range

The Tesla Model Y long range, Tesla's most popular vehicle, is now available in Japan and Australia with a June to July 2023, delivery time. This is a new market for Tesla, and they will reach 150 million more people by doing this. They will also make staggering margins on these vehicles: 50% or more.

The cars for this market segment will be exported from Giga Shanghai, which is still Tesla's primary export hub.

Tesla recently cut the price of the Model Y long range in the U.K. and some wonder why they did this when you could not buy them in Australia and Japan. The answer appears clear now because you can buy them now.

Giga Shanghai being the primary export hub is very good for Tesla. The reason for this is that the cost to produce the vehicles there is very low. Tesla will make huge margins on these vehicles - upwards of 50% to 100% or more when selling to Japan, Australia, and even Europe, with the reduced prices in Europe taken into account.

I expect to see Tesla start to report on numbers of deliveries and production by different regions, and we'll see how well Japan and Australia do.

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150 Million More People

Tesla is getting exposure to 150 million more people, the population of Japan and Australia (at 125 and 25 million respectively). Japan is going to be a very important market for Robotaxis because it is densely populated. A Tesla is much more efficient when driving slower and at short distances - the opposite of a gas car that is better at freeway driving.

Tesla is going to continue to broaden its market until it is selling cars and Energy to the entire world. Well, maybe not the entire world as there are some countries that I can see it never entering, but most countries, I believe, will have Tesla vehicles and Energy in them one day.

This is one way Tesla will get to 2 million Model Y vehicles sold per year or more - by expanding its market. Australia generally is a much more expensive market, and Tesla will make its largest margins there. The Model Y long range in Australia sells for $81,900, which is a huge amount. Tesla is making the Model Y long range for half that or more.

I can't wait to see what the price of the Model Y long range is in Japan in U.S. dollars. I think it will be comparable to Australia, but we will have to wait and see.

What do you think about Tesla getting into Australia and Japan - are these important markets for Tesla?

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