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Tesla Model Y First Ever 10% Challenge: How Did It Do?

This is the first challenge of a 10% on a Tesla Model Y long range. Let's see how it goes at 10% range.

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Tesla Model Y - 10% Challenge

There is a 10% challenge done on a Tesla Model Y long range where it is taken to a Tesla Supercharger at 10%. This owner wanted to only stay at the charger for about 15 minutes. The car arrived at the Tesla Supercharger warm and pre-charged.

He drove around the road up and down to make sure it was even warmer and at 10% exactly. The goal is to see how much range you get with a quick 15-minute charge, which is close to how long it takes to do a full gas run.

There is a v3 Supercharger that should get the Model Y to 250 kW charging, which is fast. After cruising up and down the roads, he was ready to do the 10% challenge. Why is this particular challenge being done?

The reason is that an EV (electric vehicle) that arrives at a fast charger at a low state of charge will charge much faster than if you charge more often. A lot of people aren't comfortable going down to the single digit charge range, so this challenge is focusing on charging at 10%. This will alleviate the anxiety some have around single digit charging.

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How Did It Do?

Superchargers do site level sharing in version 3, but there aren't many cars at this Supercharger when this challenge is being done. This Model Y has about 12,600 miles. In the service menu, the temperature is about 42 degrees Celsius. That might have been too warm. It was 74 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The car arrived at 10.3% state of charge.

Now, the charging began! The charging port was opened, plugged in, and charging began. As soon as the contactor clicked, the timer was started. 15 minutes to go!

The charging ramped to 250 kW immediately and got to 11% very quickly. That's about 1,042 miles per hour of charging, which is very impressive. The charge limit was 100%. 376 Volts on a DC charging was what was being done.

As the video was being done, it went up several percent very quickly and maintained a top speed of about 252 kW and 1,042 miles per hour. As soon as the car charges for 15 minutes, he's going to drive around the Denver, Colorado area and then come back for charging.

The Tesla Model Y has a very good price, lots of room, 3 rows that are optional, and is incredible value. The ease of the Supercharging network is amazing. Also, this particular car is rented from Hertz. The battery was red-hot and as the car approached 40% and more, the charging speed went to about 132 kW, which is around 521 miles per hour. Still a very fast charging speed.

Sometimes, the cars get 150 kW at 50%, but this one got a lower charging speed. This version of the Model Y is about 56,000 because it has black paint and different wheels that make the full charge 318 miles.

As 15 minutes hit, the car was unplugged. The car got to 59% state of charge. That's 49% in 15 minutes - not too bad. The car was then taken to drive around and went 98 miles with the 28-inch wheels at 366 Wh/mi. That's much less efficient than my Model 3 RWD :). The battery temperature came down during the drive, about 10 degrees Celsius.

What did you think of this 10% Model Y long range drive? Would you get a Model Y long range?

For more information, see this video from Out of Spec Reviews:

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Image Credit, Out of Spec Reviews, Screenshot

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