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Tesla Hardware 4 Configuration To Have 11 Cameras - What Will Happen to Hardware 3?

Tesla has 11 cameras with their latest hardware 4 configuration. What does this mean for vehicles with hardware 3? Will they be capable of autonomy?

Tesla's Hardware 4 Configuration With 11 Cameras

There are reports coming in that Tesla's latest hardware configuration, dubbed "Hardware 4" will have 11 cameras and better cameras, making the chance of reaching level 4 autonomy that much higher. Tesla may also be placing cameras behind different things that can be heated in order for the cameras to be clear at all times.

What's interesting about this is that earlier prototypes of Tesla vehicles believed to be using the hardware 4 configuration were thought to have FEWER cameras and not more. It is possible that Tesla is testing many different configurations as it tries to find the solution that is best to move forward with for the future.

I also recently wrote about the Tesla Cybertruck being 1,000 times safer than the average human driver with the hardware 4 configuration and be able to be 1,000 times more safe than an average human driver due to the increase in processing power by the computer, increased camera density (5.4 megapixels compared to 1.2 megapixels in hardware 3), and the increased strength of the vehicle itself. Hardware 4 will possibly be built by Samsung, according to various news reports.

Finally, the Tesla Semi is reported to have the necessary equipment to run hardware 4 as well. It's clear that Tesla is preparing to launch to this configuration soon. It is expected to announce a new FSD/Autopilot driving suite any day now.

The hardware 4 equipment will help the vehicle be safer, have a more clear picture, and get closer to autonomy. Some say that Tesla will even have high definition radar with the new hardware configuration. Elon Musk wants every Tesla vehicle to be autonomous capable.

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Future of Autonomy and Tesla Hardware

With all these major changes that are coming to hardware 4, there are questions surfacing about vehicles with hardware 3. Well, that is a good question because people are wondering if those older vehicles will be capable of autonomy - level 4 autonomy to be precise, where the car can drive without any supervision.

One indicator of this is that for Tesla owners of a Model S or Model X - Tesla is offering $5,000 for those owners to trade in their Tesla and get a new one. I don't think Tesla would do this unless they were confident in the autonomous capabilities of their new hardware.

I have a 2022 Model 3 RWD. It was one of the last vehicles to have the ultrasonic sensors on the front and back of the car. Those sensors won't be used anymore as Tesla is moving to a vision only system. With the increased camera density, and possibly having cameras at the front of the car, I can see why this would work.

There are many other changes being made to Tesla vehicles and you can see these in a Tesla Forum (TFF) that has a tracker that follows all the changes that Tesla applies for with regulators. Here they are:

* Introduction of Generation 4 complex vehicle control system (Autopilot)
* Introduction of new car computer and GNSS antenna
* Introduction of Gen3 inverters to ######m1# drive units
* Change to Automatic Dipped and Main Beam Sensor
* Unification of Model X brake system application
* Introduction of new stay arm for Model X interior rearview mirror
* Update to manufacturer’s engine code
* Update to vehicle’s rear badging
* Update to vehicle’s maximum vehicle speed

I am looking forward to seeing Tesla's new configuration and have a Cybertruck on order. I believe that Tesla will offer me something extra to trade in my Model 3 RWD, but I will wait and see what Tesla decides to do. More than likely, the Cybertruck last vehicle to ever own">Cybertruck will be the last vehicle I ever need to own.

I think Tesla will encourage Tesla owners with hardware 3 to trade in their cars and get a new Tesla vehicle. I also think that hardware 3 vehicles will eventually be capable of autonomy, though it might not be 1,000 times safer than the average human driver when that time comes.

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