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China's love for Tesla: Order Acceleration Continues with 30,000 Weekend Orders Despite Some Slowdown

Tesla recently cut prices in China and this has created a surge of additional demand. There are now reports of an additional 30,000 orders in 3 days.

Tesla China Orders

We recently wrote about Tesla China orders flooding in. This is continuing and there are Chinese media reports that Tesla China has an additional 30,000 orders in the last 3 days. These are extra orders beyond the normal order flow that Tesla China is getting.

Chine media reports - and these are unofficial reports, that there are 30,000 additional orders in 3 days as well as a much higher volume of customers at its stores in China.

These additional orders and additional customers at Tesla stores will likely be a boost to Tesla's production and deliveries for Q1, 2023. This all happened after Tesla's recent price cuts that took place.

Tesla does not comment on news like this, but we assume that this has to be possible because the price cuts were so large - about 10%. Customer traffic is also increasing according to other Chinese media outlets.

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Will This Continue?

Many might wonder if these additional orders will continue because of the price cuts. The law of supply and demand in economics says that this will continue. How many extra people can now afford a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y after a 10% price cut in China? It could be millions of additional people, especially with the Model 3 being in the low $30,000 range now.

There is a longer delivery time for the Tesla Model Y RWD in China, which has increased to 2-5 weeks from 1-4 weeks of waiting.

Customers who bought cars in China before these price cuts aren't very happy because they wish they could have waited to save some money on their vehicles. Those customers agreed on that deal and there's nothing they can do.

January, 2023 is going to be an interesting month for Tesla China. What do you think of these additional orders in China? Is this a good thing for Tesla?

For more information, see this video from TorqueNews:

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