Tesla Camera Captures 1 In A Million Car Crash: Truck Tire Launches Kia 10 Feet In The Air
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Tesla Camera Captures 1 In A Million Car Crash: Truck Tire Launches Kia 10 Feet In The Air

We see a video of a truck tire that detached and went under a Kia. The Kia ended up launching 10 feet in the air. Fortunately, everyone walked away unharmed.

Tesla Video Captures 1 In A Million Car Crash

A Tesla was driving along the freeway when it saw a truck get over into the lane in front of it. A Kia on the left was driving ahead and getting ready to pass the truck.

Just as this happened, the front left tire of the truck detached from it and rolled directly underneath the Kia, causing it to launch 10 feet into the air.

The Kia crash-landed, and debris flew everywhere on the freeway. The tire from the truck was knocked back and ricocheted back and hit the back of the Kia.

Fortunately for everyone involved, they all walked away unharmed.

Investigators will likely find that this truck had wheel spaces that caused the wheel hub assembly to fail and caused the detachment of the wheel from the truck.

This accident is a reminder to everyone to make sure to wear your seat belt when driving because you never know when you are going to experience a 1 in a million incident like this.

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Safety When Driving

Tesla recently updated their safety score with two new categories: driving over 85 mph and wearing a seat belt in the driver's seat.

The seat belt was critical in this case to make sure that the driver didn't get jostled around during the accident and crash landing.

You can also see that the airbags for the Kia deployed, likely cushioning the blow when landing on the top of the car. Fortunately, the Kia flipped back on its wheels.

When driving on the freeway, it's important to drive the speed limit and to be very careful. You have to be prepared for anything.

Fortunately, the Tesla filming this accident was driving at a safe distance and was able to stop in time. That is another Tesla safety score category - unsafe following. When you follow at a long distance behind another car, you have time to react in case anything goes wrong.

What do you think of this accident - will the truck end up being at fault?

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Let me guess - truck has non-standard wheels/tires/suspension.