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PepsiCo Talks About Using the Tesla Semi

There is a video of PepsiCo executives talking about their usage of the Tesla semi.

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Tesla Semi Results from Frito Lay

In Modesto, California, there are fully operational Tesla Semis driving a 400-mile radius, delivering PepsiCo products for Frito-Lay. They preordered 100 Tesla Semis back in 2017. PepsiCo owns one of the largest private fleets in North America. They currently have 36 Tesla Semis.

They are working their way up to 100 Tesla Semis. The Tesla Semi is different because he brought awareness and a slick truck to the market. Semis are responsible for a large amount of emissions, even though they are low in quantity overall because they are large and drive a lot.

There have supposedly been a few sightings of the semi breaking down in California, according to CNBC. What are the realities, and what is next for the Tesla Semi? It took a while to release, due to shortages of supplies and batteries.

One of the questions about the Tesla Semi is about Autopilot, economics, and a million-mile guarantee. The current Tesla Semi vehicles are not autonomous. The hardware is there, but the software isn't there yet.

Pepsi is delivering Frito-Lay products at a range of 425 and 100 miles to its different warehouses. 45,000 pounds is the accepted weight to put in the Tesla Semi. Pepsi hasn't talked about the price of the Tesla Semi, but it is estimated to be $180,000.

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Other Companies Ordering the Tesla Semi

The price is going to be more than a diesel truck, as EVs generally are more expensive than their gas counterparts. But cost savings for fuel and operation will be saved over time. The amount of maintenance is also significantly lower than gas vehicles with more complex engines and systems.

Frito-Lay has been transforming its Modesto facility since 2019 to show a transition to sustainable and clean Energy. There are other companies who have put in orders for the Tesla Semi. Walmart and FedEx have also placed orders.

Pepsi received its first Tesla Semis in December and is already using them. It was a bit of work to get them ready with logo painting and labeling. The average length of haul is 425 miles and the Tesla Semi is serving their needs.

There were four Tesla Megachargers installed for PepsiCo, with the infrastructure. Each charge yields about 400 miles of range, and my guess is that they are not charging the Tesla Semi to 100% in order to have more battery preservation.

What do you think of the Tesla Semis being used by Frito-Lay? How many more will enter the market?

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