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Nvidia Talks About Tesla's Use Of 35,000 H100 GPU's, Helping The Breakthrough Performance Of FSD Version 12

Nvidia had their earnings call and talked about Tesla today, saying that Tesla using a large AI training cluster, around 35,000 H100 GPU's, which helped Tesla's FSD version 12 have a breakthrough.

Nvidia Talks Tesla

Nvidia talked about Tesla and its FSD software during its earnings call. On the call, the following was said:

Nvidia supported Tesla's expansion of their training cluster to 35,000 H100 GPU's. Their use of Nvidia AI infrastructure paved the way for breakthrough performance of FSD version12, their latest autonomous driving software based on vision.

Video transformers consumed significantly more computing, are able to create dramatically more capable autonomous driving capabilities and propelling significant growth for Nvidia AI infrastructure.

Nvidia expects a multi-billion revenue opportunity for AI infrastructure for automotive companies as more and more of them delve into autonomous software.

Jensen Huang from Nvidia and Elon Musk have a friendly relationship based on what I've seen online. Both are leaders in AI, with Nvidia focusing primarily on hardware, and Tesla, focusing on software.

Tesla is working to create Dojo, which will be an AI supercomputer that is custom-made for its FSD training, but more on that in a minute.

The fact that Nvidia mentioned Tesla is a good thing. It shows that autonomous software is something automotive companies are going to have to think about and use for the future. They will either need to create their own solution, or license it from Tesla.

The risk for existing automotive companies is that if autonomous vehicles become a reality soon, then they will be far behind, whether they make their own or license Tesla's technology.

This is because creating and releasing a car that is capable of using Tesla's software and technology will take a few years, and getting their software to be as good as Tesla's will take many years beyond that.

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Tesla, Dojo, and Nvidia

Tesla is also working on their own custom AI training supercomputer, which they hope will outperform Nvidia. However, Nvidia's entire company is focused on AI training hardware, and it will be tough for Tesla to exceed what Nvidia can do.

Tough is not impossible, however, and Elon Musk seems to be able to make things that are incredibly difficult, real, and this is one possibility.

If Tesla is able to make Dojo work and make it cheaper and more efficient than Nvidia's AI clusters for autonomous software, then Tesla becomes the most important player in autonomous software and AI and other companies will want to use Dojo instead of Nvidia.

Of course, Tesla may not succeed with Dojo as it is a big risk - but it's a risk worth taking. Most of what Tesla does are high-risk, high-reward projects.

Tesla won't stop at autonomous software for cars. They are also working on humanoid robots - the Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus (sub)-Prime.

Elon Musk puts the sub in there because the Tesla Bot is not huge like Optimus Prime is.

In the short-term, Tesla and Nvidia are going to be partners. If Dojo ever gets going and shows promise, Tesla may part ways with Nvidia.

When Tesla releases FSD version 12.4, we're going to see front and center just how advantageous it has been to use Nvidia's GPUs.

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What do you think about Nvidia talking about Tesla using their AI training clusters? Are both companies forming a synergistic relationship, or will there be competition between them?

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Image Credit/Reference: Nvidia earnings via Sawyer Merritt