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Model 3 With No Mirrors Spotted - And Side Pillar Cameras In Windows - Training For New Robotaxi Vehicle

A Model 3 prototype was spotted on the road without any side mirrors and with some additional cameras. This is likely being used to test for Tesla's new robotaxi vehicle.

Model 3 - With No Side Mirrors

A Model 3 was seen on the freeway driving, and it didn't have any side mirrors. The car appeared to be driving manually by the human driver and not using Tesla's FSD software. The reason I think this is the case is that the car was moving back and forth in the lane quite a bit. Tesla's FSD doesn't usually drive like that.

There are those who think that this Model 3 without mirrors is being used for a special purpose for Tesla, and that is probably true. Tesla is most likely using this Model 3 to do some testing.

If you look at this vehicle, you can see some different places for the cameras on it.

When Tesla has their robotaxi vehicle reveal event on August 8th - which is now just over a month away - it is likely that some of the features of this Model 3 will be used for that new vehicle.

A vehicle without mirrors is also more efficient than a vehicle with mirrors. A robotaxi vehicle is not going to need mirrors.

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Testing Robotaxi Vehicle

With Tesla's robotaxi vehicle event coming up next month, there's going to be a lot of important things talked about.

First, there is going to be the robotaxi vehicle itself. I think that vehicle is going to not have any side mirrors - there will be no reason for those. There also won't need to be a rearview mirror in the car, either. Therefore, the camera placement will likely be different in this vehicle than in Tesla's current vehicles.

Tesla is going to show other vehicles on this August 8th event. There will likely be a compact vehicle revealed, and Tesla could have just an SUV version of this vehicle to start. That would certainly simplify the process.

Tesla could also reveal a van during this event and I think if Tesla does that, they are going to need to tie it into the robotaxi vehicle and being autonomous.

An autonomous van is an important vehicle for shuffling people around. A van that people can live in will also be greatly desired by Tesla enthusiasts.

When Tesla reveals this robotaxi vehicle, I think they are simply going to have it be a vehicle that other people can get in to for ride hailing. I don't think Tesla will make this particular vehicle available for sale - at least not the simplified version without any extras like steering wheel and pedals.

Perhaps Tesla will allow someone to buy the robotaxi vehicle and then share in the profits it generates. That would be interesting and take the burden of cost away from Tesla.

Either way, it's interesting to see Tesla doing some testing with this Model 3 without side mirrors. I'm looking forward to seeing more on 8/8!

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What do you think of this mirror-less Model 3?

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Image Credit: Tesla, Screenshot

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