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After 5,000 Miles, I'm Sad To Report That I have Not Experienced Any Issues At All With My Cybertruck

A Cybertruck owner shares that he has not experienced any issues with his Cybertruck after 5,000 miles. He was expecting problems and having to spend $, but everything has worked great.

A Cybertruck Owner - No Issues After 5,000 Miles

A Cybertruck owner reported that... He has experienced no issues with his Cybertruck after 5,000 miles. This may come as a surprise to many of you reading this, but in truth, Tesla vehicles rarely have issues these days, despite so many reports of panel gap problems and Tesla vehicles catching on fire.

The truth is that Tesla "drama" sells and whenever you see a Tesla vehicle having an issue or an issue with the Cybertruck accelerator pedal, this gets a laser focus when in reality, any issues are experienced by the minority of Tesla owners.

This particular owner has taken his Cybertruck on several road trips, and it has worked flawlessly.

The Cybertruck has been ramping heavily in production, and I am starting to see them here in my city in Utah. In fact, last night, I saw a Cybertruck in a black matte wrap while driving home at night. It looked just like a Batmobile - something out of a movie.

The Cybertruck is very big and parking it will not be as simple as parking a Model 3 or even Model Y - however, it comes with cameras that make the parking experience much easier.

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The Cybertruck Is A Marvel Of Engineering

Other members of the Tesla community responded to Jeremy and his report of the Cybertruck working perfectly.

Larry Goldberg said, "My sympathies. I have suffered the same tragedy." This is him saying his Cybertruck has also worked perfectly, but he's doing it a fun manner.

Peter DiCarlo also has this to say, "Totally agree, brother! Same with mine. Was expecting a ton of issues, but the worst thing so far is my rubber weather stripping coming off in the tonneau."

The Cybertruck is a marvel of engineering, and you can see it whenever you spot one on the road. Immediately, all eyes start looking at it as if it's an alien truck of some kind.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Cybertruck becomes as common on the road as the Model 3 and Model Y - I believe it will become the best-selling truck in the world!

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What do you think about Tesla's Cybertruck? Is it a well-made vehicle with minimal issues?

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