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Leave the World Behind, Netflix Movie, Shows an Endless Line of New Tesla's Crashing Without a Driver: Is This Even Possible?

A new fictional movie on Netflix just released, and it shows a woman who sees an endless line of Tesla vehicles that have crashed - without anyone driving in them. It got me thinking if this could ever happen.

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Leave the World Behind - And An Endless Line of Tesla's Crashing

Leave the World Behind is one of the latest movies on Netflix - a FICTIONAL movie, and one thing that struck me was a scene with a woman walking along the road and seeing Tesla vehicles crashed in a long line.

The movie is about a family's getaway to a luxurious rental home when all of a sudden, a cyberattack knocks out their devices and, from the looks of it in the movie, any machine that is powered by electronics.

While looking at one of the vehicles, this woman, who was with her family, and they were not driving in a Tesla, but instead a gas car, looked at one of the new Tesla's and saw the purchase slip.

Tesla purchase slip

I took a look at this purchase slip and a few things were of note.

The vehicle appears to be a Tesla Model 3 performance with a purchase price of $73,000. That's way more than what is listed on Tesla's website. It shows a date of manufacture of May 9th, 2023.

It goes over the technical details of the vehicle, gas savings, the ultrasonic sensors, which ironically have been removed from new Tesla vehicles, and the government safety 5-star ratings. Tesla's are very safe - so safe that even if a tree falls on a Tesla vehicle, the occupants will still probably be safe.

Speaking of ultrasonic sensor removal, someone thinks that Tesla Model Y sales in Europe are slumping due to the removal of the ultrasonic sensors.

The second thing is that Autopilot is free and is listed as $10,000 on the technical sheet. It's FSD that costs money to buy. Tesla software is getting a new holiday update soon that allows a 3D reconstruction of the surroundings while parking.

Keep in mind, this is a fictional movie and for entertainment, but that was a lot of Teslas crashed in a line. According to the creators of the movie, they did extend it with CGI, but "a lot of real Teslas out there were destroyed."

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Tesla Vehicles - Could They Crash Like This?

I don't see Tesla vehicles crashing like this being a real possibility - at least not in the way the movie portrays it. If a Tesla vehicle was knocked out electronically by a cyberattack or an EMP, it would most likely just shut off and slow down. There might be a crash wherever the Tesla vehicles were, but they wouldn't just keep driving in a straight road line like this.

The only way that would work is if someone was somehow able to go in and rewrite the software for Tesla vehicles - or introduce some kind of virus that made them just drive straight on the road and lock out all commands from the vehicle. Otherwise, this scenario won't happen.

The chance that someone engineers a computer virus like this and gets every Tesla vehicle to receive the update is so remote that it just isn't going to happen. Pull requests for code are carefully reviews at every company, and FSD 12 will rely on neural nets and video.

Tesla surely has safeguards and checks and balances to prevent anything like this, and the exceptionally low chance makes it a non-possibility. Plus, there are exceptional people at Tesla working on the world's transition to sustainable energy.

A huge EMP or pinpoint solar event from the sun could disrupt Tesla vehicles, but as I said, that would simply cause them to stop and slow down due to them being completely electric.

I suppose in that scenario, as the movie portrays, having a gas car may be of benefit - assuming that the car still has manual controls that override the electronic ones in case of electrical failure.

I wonder if Tesla has any kind of override that happens in case the electrical system is compromised or gets shut down - I'll be sure to update if I find any information on that.

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What do you think about this movie and the crashing Tesla vehicles? Is this a scenario that could ever happen in the real world?

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Image Credit, Netflix, Screenshot

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