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How to Reduce the Cabin Noise in a Tesla Model Y

There is a Tesla Model Y, 2020, owner, who tried out a solution to see if it would make his Model Y quieter in the cabin while driving. What was this solution and how much did it cost? Let's find out!

How to Reduce the Cabin Noise in a Tesla Model Y

There is a solution to reducing the noise inside your Tesla Model Y. Will this solution actually reduce the noise? How much does it cost and how easy is it to install? Let's find out!

Gjeebs did a video with his 2020 Tesla Model Y. He went to a website called pimp my EV and bought some lining that he installed in his car. He used a phone app to capture the decibel meter and noise while going 75 miles per hour and the meter showed anywhere from 71 to 75 - about a 73 average.

He then installed the rubber trim on the car. The first installation was for the front hood of the car. He was hoping it wouldn't be a complicated install. Don't smell the rubber, it's not a good thing to do. He ran the rubber along the edge of the top of his front hood of his car and it stuck to it - there must be some kind of adhesive on his car or on the rubber.

The next part of his car was the exterior coddle. That is the part of the car that is just on the outside of the back where the trunk closes. This time he wiped down the car before he put the rubber install tubing on. He also had some extra seat covers for the back of his front seats.

Next, he put the adhesive on the outer edge of his doors. He said that this is something Tesla should have done with their vehicles to begin with. After putting the adhesive on, he closed the door and it closed just fine. It creates a flush looks to the door on the car.

Overall, the total install time takes about 30 minutes to an hour - depending on how much your focus.

Testing the Insulation to See How It Does

Gjeebs predicted that this insulation would have to reduce the noise in the car due to it blocking spaces in the car that noise normally was able to get through. He began another 75 mile per hour trip without talking and captured the decibel reading.

The number fluctuated from 71 to 73 instead of 71 to 75. It was about a decibel or two quieter than before. He was wondering if there was even a difference - it was a little quieter and slightly better, but it wasn't a monumental difference. Overall, this solution cost him about $80 and an hour of his time.

If you wanted to get your car as quiet as possible, then you would have to do more than put this rubber tubing on your car. It's important to also note that Gjeebs has a 2020 Model Y that has only single paned glass on his front doors. Newer Model Y vehicles will have double paned glass for the front doors.

I'm interested in what other options are available to make a Tesla vehicle quieter besides putting the rubber tubing on the doors, frunk, and trunk. Could you lower the decibel values by say 5 or 10?

What did you think of this noise reduction option with the rubber tubing? Is a newer Tesla Model Y with double paned windows quieter than an older Tesla vehicle?

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For more information, see this video by Gjeebs:

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Image Credit, Gjeebs, Screenshot