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How Much Range Does a Tesla Model 3 Have After 100,000 Miles?

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 drove it 100,000 miles and shared his experience, including how much battery was left.

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Tesla Model 3 Review

This owner of a Tesla Model 3 bought it at the end of 2018 and made a video to share his experience. This includes a review about the battery and how much range it had after 100,000 miles.

He has never had an issue getting from point A to point B in this vehicle, and even though this seems simple, it's not always the case for a new car. This car has never had any problems.

A big question is about the battery range after 100,000 miles. When new, at 100%, the car had 309 miles of range. At this point now, the car has 290 miles of range. That is about 94% of the battery remaining.

He says whether it is 270, 280, or 290 miles, is it really that big of a difference? It might be with the standard range models.

If you use the range as an indicator of how long the battery will last, you might think this is tied to how long the car will last. But this isn't the case.

You can get 350,000 to 400,000 miles of range on the battery before it degrades 30%. The car body is rated for 1,000,000 miles. Tesla cars should last much longer than an ICE car.

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Battery Life of a Tesla

You typically know when a gas car is done. This happens around 150,000 to 200,000 miles most of the time.

With an EV (electric vehicle), the battery is going to degrade. At some point, you might want to replace the battery or give up on the car. However, it's not going to be drivable even if you want a new battery. Even at 200 miles, the car is still good. Even 150 miles might be good.

If the range gets lower than that, then yes, it's probably worth replacing the battery. Tesla has a warranty on the battery at 8 years or 30% degradation. Most Tesla vehicles don't degrade that 30%, but for those that do, Tesla replaces the battery with no charge.

The battery cost will go down over time as EVs and batteries get cheaper and cheaper. As EV adoption increases, this cost should decrease.

This owner didn't have much maintenance to do and had no problem charging. The car was a good road trip car, and he had no problem charging it. He has solar panels on his house and hasn't paid to charge his car due to that.

He takes his time to get places and isn't driving fast, which gives him a greater efficiency than most people who are driving fast in a Tesla. He keeps his tires between 42 and 50 psi.

Tesla service can send out mobile technicians for most issues with your vehicle. He had some condensation in his rear tail lights fixed free of charge. On the driver side, there was an issue with lumbar support, and a mobile technician came to fix that with no charge.

There was a minor issue with the wiring of the cars and the rear camera, and Tesla mobile service came to fix that with no charge.

The autopilot booted out during a long road trip once, and he had to drive the car. This was irritating after using Autopilot so much, but this was probably due to the wiring and camera issue that was fixed.

He likes the center screen and the ease of using it and Autopilot. He likes not having to stop for gas. He has had a great experience with his Tesla Model 3, which I think is a performance model.

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For more information, see this video review from Ed Fessler:

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