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Elon Musk Talks About Pre-Production Cybertruck Units at Engineering Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA

Elon Musk can be seen on video sharing his thoughts about Tesla and some important truths at its new engineering headquarters in CA.

Elon Musk Shares His Thoughts

Elon Musk spoke at Tesla's new engineering headquarters recently, in Palo Alto, CA. This location used to be owned by Hewlett Packard, an important company in the development of Silicon Valley. Elon Musk welcomed everyone and was in good spirits.

He said that Tesla now has 48,000 employees in California and that Tesla is the biggest manufacturing employer in the state by a factor of two. That means the next highest employer has about 24,000 employees.

Elon Musk said that there are numerous articles saying this was impossible or insane. Elon Musk responded, saying that Tesla specialized in making the impossible merely late. Investor Day is on March 1st and Elon said he is looking forward to that day.

It's going to be a day not just for investors in Tesla, but for anybody who is interested in the future of planet earth - investors in earth. Elon Musk said he will explain how we get to a fully sustainable Energy future and that people should have optimism and hope for the future and that we should not be complacent.

We shouldn't feel there's no hope for the future because there absolutely is hope for the future. Tesla along with the rest of the EV, solar, wind, and battery storage industry is going to make this happen.

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Future for Tesla Engineering

There were some news reports that Tesla had moved its entire headquarters back to California, but these are fake news and false. Tesla is simply stating that its ENGINEERING headquarters is in California. This was said by Elon Musk directly at the event at Palo Alto, CA.

Elon Musk was excited to share some updates, and this year will be the 20th year since the creation of Tesla. If you are younger than 20 years, I'd love to hear from you in the comment section, by the way.

In two decades, a lot has happened with Tesla, said Elon Musk. From the test ride in the first Tesla vehicle, the t0, to having millions of cars on the road among several models, and the upcoming release of the Cybertruck is going to be epic. It's going to change the look of the roads.

Elon Musk also stated that there will be a bunch of pre-production units of the Cybertruck for people to check out, and he thinks it's going to be an amazing car. He also stated that Tesla is developing Optimus here - Tesla's Humanoid Robot, and that is going to help build a better future for humanity.

Tesla Fremont is producing an incredible amount of vehicles and is running 24/7. Last year, the Model Y and the Model 3 were the top two selling vehicles of any kind in California. Elon Musk also spoke about Tesla open sourcing its patents for EV development.

Elon Musk also mentioned there is the Lathrop Energy storage factory, along with operations in Los Angeles and San Diego. Tesla has a presence throughout the state of California, and this is good.

Elon Musk and Tesla are going to continue to invest in engineering in California, along with development in Tesla Bot, artificial intelligence, and FSD software.

What do you think of Elon Musk's speech at its new engineering headquarters. Is this good for Tesla?

You can see the event here:

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