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A Close Up Look at the Tesla Semi Battery

We see a picture that shows the Tesla Semi battery for the first time. Let's go over what it is.


Tesla Semi Battery

We have a picture of the Tesla Semi battery and all the cables and connections to it. This is the first time I have seen the battery pack uncovered, and it is huge. We'll go over what we see in this picture and what the Tesla Semi battery specifications are.

First off, the battery is enormous. You can see distinct cubes or modules that make up the battery. In the picture we have here, three of the cubes are very easy to see, but there are likely more cubes of batteries here.

Having a modular design for the Tesla Semi battery is genius. It makes it very easy to add to or take away from it if there is a section of the modules that is not working right. You won't have to replace the entire battery pack in this case. I love the idea of sections of battery.

Next, you see orange and black tubes going to and from these battery modules. These are likely for a variety of things, including heating and coolant of the battery.

There is also a label that says 1,000 volts. That confirms that this battery is using a 1,000 volt architecture.

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More About the Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi battery will charge from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes and can handle a full payload of about 82,000 pounds. The Tesla Semi did a test run with this weight, driving 500 miles.

Elon Musk has stated that in Tesla vehicles - particularly the latest Tesla vehicles, that the battery pack will most likely outlast the life of the vehicle. I'm assuming this is also the case for the Tesla Semi, but we'll have to get some real world data about battery degradation to see how that plays a role in mileage.

The Tesla Semi have about a 900 kWh battery pack and will support DC fast charging speeds of up to 1 MW. I am looking forward to seeing Tesla Megachargers built so that a fleet of Tesla Semi vehicles can be supported.

There is going to need to be more Megachargers across the United States because Tesla just unveiled their plans for their $3.6 billion factory to produce the Tesla Semi and the batteries for it.

The Tesla Semi is going to change trucking as we know it. What do you think about the picture of the battery here? Is the Tesla Semi truly going to change trucking as we know it?

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