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Bulletproof Steel On Cybertruck Patented by Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is going into production soon and Tesla has a patent on its cold rolled steel that will be bullettproof to hand guns.


Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Steel

We are getting more details about the Cybertruck steel metal that will be used.

Tesla has a patent for its 30x cold rolled steel that will be bulletproof to hand guns for its upcoming pickup truck, the Cybertruck. One of the incredible things about this steel is that it is like the material that SpaceX uses for its Starship launch spaceship. The Cybertruck will be made from this steel as well.

The exterior of the Cybertruck is going to be incredibly resilient - resistant to damage, corrosion, and hand guns. You will not need to paint the exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck. Elon Musk even said in 2019, during the Cybertruck unveil event, that it is bulletproof to a nine-millimeter handgun.

How strong is that? It's an ultra strong skin - hard cold-rolled stainless steel that Tesla has specifically developed - the same as the Starship rocket. We saw on February 23 that this special steel was published and more information about it was revealed. The main characteristic is that it has improved hardness and corrosion resistance for high performance applications.

What could those high performance applications be? Probably deep cold, heat, blunt damage, and gun fire is my guess. Tesla also said that there are many stainless steel metals out there that are resistant to corrosion, including a family of commercially produced 3xx stainless steels.

The most common of these stainless steel alloys are the following: 301, 304/304L, and 316/316L. These come in many different forms. There are others that are unique, depending on their microstructure and the way they get their strength. These are: Austenitic (3xx), Martensitic (4xx), Ferritic, Duplex, and precipiation hardenable (PH).

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What Else About the Tesla Cybertruck Is Important?

One of these steels, the Martensitic steel, usually requires controlled heat treatments and hardening cycles to increase the durability and strength of it. These extra treatments generally increase the cost of the steel alloy because of the expensive equipment used and the chance to warp the steel depending on how it is formed.

There are also corrosion resistant Martensitic steels that contain a large amount of expensive cobalt in order to get corrosion resistance, and that also increases the cost of using Martensitic alloys. Tesla describes a few of these steel composition and methods it uses to get the hardened steel it gets. This is all for the exterior portion of the car and doesn't require additional treatment to protect against corrosion. The Cybertruck will truly be the last vehicle you'll ever need to own.

The Tesla Cybertruck will also have post apocalyptic features, including the ability to have solar panels as an add-on. Whether Tesla is the one who sells this add-on or not, it's going to be made available by them or a third party. There are numerous videos of a fold out solar panel array that can come out to charge your vehicle when you park it.

There are also videos surfacing that show a machine gun shooting bullets at the Cybertruck window and the window stopping them, and these are simply not true. The steel of the Cybertruck will stop hand guns, but the window will not stop a hand gun.

What do you think of the Cybertruck's patented steel? Will it stop a hand gun?

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