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Apple Is Using Tesla Megapack For Its Solar Farm: Why Apple Is Doing This

We see that Apple is using Tesla Megapack for battery storage of energy for its solar farm. Here is why.

Apple Using Tesla Megapack

Tesla has released a video showing its $100 million 240 MWh California Flats Megapack battery, which is one of the largest installations in the United States of Tesla's Megapack product.

These Tesla Megapacks were purchased by Apple, and the Energy from them is used to help power the company's corporate headquarters in Cupertino.

I see many more businesses purchasing a setup like this in order to have a large supply of backup power in the event that the power goes out and operations of the business can continue.

In Monterey, California, there is a 2,900 acre Flats solar facility that features a wide range of solar technologies. These range from early solar panels to the most recent innovations and comprise 280 MW of solar panels, and they can power up to 100,000 homes a year.

This reduces annual CO2 emissions by 109,000 metric tons, which is like taking 22,000 gas cars off of the road. To store excess solar Energy generated, Arevon installed a 240 MW making it one of the largest battery installations using the Tesla Megapack.

Tesla Megapack provides reliable energy when demands are high or when the power has gone out, or the grid is down. This also reduces fossil fuel usage and moves humanity forward to sustainable energy.

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Tesla Megapack Orders Are 2 Years Out

Tesla Megapack orders are back up to about early 2025, which is a 2-year backlog. There is a reason that Tesla still has a 2-year backlog for this product. There is no perfect solution for management of energy outside a Megapack solution that doesn't involve some kind of gas or fossil fuel generator.

It's good to see Apple and Tesla working together. Tesla Megapack and its Powerwall equivalent product have barely started to scratch the surface of all the energy needs they need to handle.

Elon Musk has said many times that the Energy Business of Tesla will eventually surpass the auto business in revenue. That may be hard to see today, but look forward 10 years and the growth rate of energy will catch up.

The installation of Megapack is pretty easy and when it ships, it ships fully assembled and ready to operate. This makes for a quick installation on site and reduces the complexity of getting it up and running. There is also a 20-year warranty on the product in case anything goes wrong.

What do you think about this deal between Apple and Tesla? Is it a good idea for Apple to use Tesla Megapack?

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