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Why the Rivian is the Holy Grail of AWD Systems

Is an independently controlled electric motor on each wheel in a truck the way to go for achieving off-road excellence? Here’s an informative video that explains how this makes the Rivian R1 T the Holy Grail of AWD systems and why you would want one.


The Rivian R! T Reviewed by an Engineer

Looking for an electric truck with real all-wheel drive (AWD)? According to the Engineering Explained YouTube channel, its host goes over a review of what makes Rivian's AWD system one of the best you can find in any automobile for both on-road and off-road driving.

In the video you will learn:

• What is the worst AWD setup for off-roading?
• The shortcomings of a shared/split torque in an AWD vehicle.
• How traditional AWD systems can lead to tire and drivetrain damage.
• How individual torque control at each wheel responds superiorly to varying friction demands.
• It’s all about wheel spin---why braking distances between highway and off-road surfaces are optimal with the Rivian.
• How Rivian KNOWS what kind of surface you are driving on.
• An explanation of torque vectoring when hitting curves.
• What the Rivian shares with a McLaren sports car.

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That all said and done, here’s the video posted below that shows why this is an exciting change in AWD for both on-road and off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

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The Holy Grail of AWD Systems | Rivian R1T

And finally…

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