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Toyota Tundra 3-Inch Factory Lift Kit Show and Tell

Here’s what the Toyota Tundra with a 3-inch lift option/kit looks like on the newest model and what it will cost you.


Do you want your Tundra to be a Mall Crawler or a Mad Max off-road vehicle? This is an important question for Tundra shoppers who may decide one day he or she might want to do more than a slow weave through a parking lot, and actually take their Tundra off the beaten path and onto some real off-road terrain. Or at the very least, succumb to the temptation of some illegal passing during winter road traffic jams.

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Off-road Upgrade Considerations

If you follow off-road enthusiasts, what you will find is that there is a wide range of opinions on just how well or poorly a base model Toyota Tundra really is when it comes to off road driving. Especially in the earlier models where the Tundra is reputed to be a good platform for suspension upgrades including aftermarket lift kit options for those models that are past their warranty period and the owner can take an “anything goes as long as it goes” attitude approach to their build…if not transformation…to which I say, “More power to them.” Off-road enthusiasts are, after all…a different breed of driver.

The popularity of off road driving with the Tundra has done its fair share of nudging Toyota manufacturing to offer more design options for Tundra shoppers that are proven improvements toward its off-road capabilities, but at a substantial price increase and level of operational complexity.

Which begs the question of “Can I or should I have the expectation that someday I will want to add aftermarket upgrades to my modern Tundra?” Perhaps, but the days of buying and DIY installing (successfully) aftermarket lift kits and other upgrades to more modern vehicles are diminishing. It is more likely that such tasks will have to be left to professionals who understand not just the physics of what you want the improvements to do, but how it will affect the electronic controls built into modern off-road-capable trucks. Safety systems in particular.

In other words, you might find it less expensive to decide right now before buying a new Tundra what you really expect and want from it down the road and pay the extra for it as a factory special order, over buying a factory upgrade kit later (at $3,395) and then paying substantially more for the installation. Plus, you do not risk voiding your vehicle warranty with the preorder.

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Toyota’s Lift Kit Option

That was one of the take-home messages behind an informative comparison of two new 2024 Tundra’s: one with the new factory lift kit option and one without.

Follow along with the host of the Steven Welch YouTube channel as he does his show and tell of the Toyota Tundra 3-inch lift kit that you can order installed at the factory or pay substantially more for later should you change your mind and want the option.

Note that the factory lift kit can be installed in 2022 and 2023 Tundra models.

Toyota Tundra 3 inch Factory lift

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