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Best Hybrid Cars Under $35,000

Here’s the latest update toward choosing a great Hybrid car that is both fuel-efficient and reliable with Consumer Reports new listing of the best hybrid sedans that cost less than $35,000.

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Updated New Hybrid Sedan Selections

In a recent Consumer Reports analysis of Hybrid vehicles, now more than ever it makes more sense to focus on buying a Hybrid over a gas-only vehicle due to not just fuel economy and reliable performance---but other automotive factors as well such as performance and customer satisfaction.

In fact. When it comes to what owners expect in a new car, CR analysts state, “…hybrid versions of vehicles generally have better response when starting up from a stop, are quicker, and are quieter—in normal driving and when accelerating. Many of them also have ride and handling characteristics that are as good as—or better than—their conventionally powered siblings.”

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That was the message in a recently updated recommended list of Hybrid vehicles Consumer Reports recently released as their top choices of Hybrid sedans they found that offer stellar fuel economy along with everyday practicality priced under $35,000 today.

The Best of the Best Hybrids

When choosing this latest listing of Hybrids, CR analysts ranked them according to their “Overall Score” designation based on:

  • Road-test performance
  • Owner satisfaction
  • Predicted reliability and safety

However, the importance of updates such as this one is that those Overall Scores do change over time as the latest info on factors such as reliability data and customer surveys become available. CR analysts assure consumers that following the links to their model pages, “…always reflect our latest ratings.”

So, if you have been planning to purchase a new sedan, “…there’s no reason to not consider a hybrid . . . unless you like going to the gas station more often than necessary” state CR analysts.

Best Hybrid SUVs

That said, here is a summary of hybrid sedan models that Consumer Reports rates, along with their price range, miles per gallon fuel efficiency, and current rating within their vehicle category type. Please note that prices listed may vary depending on location as well as the trims and options selected at a dealership.

1. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2023

Price Range:  $26,320 - $36,745

CR MPG:  Overall 47 / City 39 / Hwy 53 mpg

#3 of 11 Midsized cars

2. Honda Accord Hybrid 2023

Price Range:  $31,345 - $37,890

CR MPG:  Overall 40 / City 34 / Hwy 45 mpg

#1 of 11 Midsized cars

3. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2023

Price Range:  $21,700 - $27,425

CR MPG:  Overall 48 / City 37 / Hwy 59 mpg

#1 of 16 Compact cars

4. Toyota Prius 2023

Price Range:  $27,450 - $35,865

CR MPG:  Overall 51 / City 40 / Hwy 59 mpg

#2 of 16 Compact cars

5. Kia Niro 2023

Price Range:  $26,590 - $44,550

CR MPG:  Overall 45 / City 41 / Hwy 48 mpg

#3 of 16 Compact cars

6. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2023

Price Range:  $28,100 - $36,600

CR MPG: Overall 44 / City 36 / Hwy 51 mpg

#12 of 11 Midsized cars

7. Hyundai Elantra Hybrid 2023

Price Range:  $24,550 - $29,150

CR MPG:  Overall 48 / City 40 / Hwy 55 mpg

#9 of 16 Compact cars

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