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Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement Warning

Are you a Prius owner or considering on buying a Prius and wondering just how long it is possible for the hybrid battery to last in a Prius and what it takes to replace one? Here’s some useful information on what you need to know especially if you are considering replacing the battery yourself.

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Toyota Maintenance

In previous articles we’ve covered some DIY jobs Prius owners can do with their vehicles as well as discover whether or not it is a good idea to buy a cheaper replacement Hybrid battery from an aftermarket battery source.

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In a more recent Prius show and tell we will find out what goes on toward replacing a Hybrid battery through a Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel episode, where its host---Peter---walks viewers through a visual of what a Hybrid battery for a Prius looks like during unpacking for a 2007 Toyota Prius that appears to have been well maintained and has clocked in over 190,000 miles on it.

Is This a DIY Job?

According to the host this is one DIY job you should not attempt on your own without proper training and certification. The risk from a serious shock that can be life threatening as well as result in damage to an expensive new battery (roughly $4500 in parts and labor), together should be enough to deter even the most dedicated DIY mechanic.

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Even so, despite his warning about trying this yourself, Peter does a good job of explaining what one of these Hybrid batteries looks like as well as its wiring to give you an idea what a mechanic is involved with whenever you have a Hybrid battery replaced in your Prius.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Image Source: Pixabay

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