Tips on Buying a New or Used Car
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Toyota Dealership Insiders Reveal Tips, Tricks and Red Flags When Buying a New or Used Car

Looking to buy a new or used car? Before going to any car lot, here is some must-know advice on tips, tricks and red flags offered by two Toyota Dealership insiders that will help you save money while buying the right car for you.

The Car Care Nut

In today’s episode of the YouTube channel “The Car Care Nut” special guest Jeff Teague from the ToyotaJeff Reviews channel (and Torque News writer), viewers are in for a special treat as these two car dealership expert insiders talk cars with a focus on what new and used car buyers need to know today when buying a car---BEFORE GOING TO A DEALERSHIP.

Buying a New Car

Preparedness is key before walking into a dealership is the message in their advice on what car buyers should be doing ahead of time. When it comes to buying a new car, you will learn from the insiders:

• Resources you should consider as part of your before-seeing-the-dealership research

• Questions to be asking yourself when focusing on a particular model

• Why it pays to check out the dealership websites in your area for comparison shopping

• The top three recommended online sites that offer dealership and salesperson reviews

• How rentals can offer invaluable insight before deciding on a new car

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Buying a Used Car

Once again, preparedness is key; however, there are also special considerations to factor in when looking at buying a used car that are not as germane when shopping for a new car. Here are some of the tips and tricks you will learn from The Car Cate Nut video when it comes to shopping for a used car:

• Special considerations when it comes to your car owning needs.

• How to figure out your needs by thinking about your next road trip
• Understand your car budget needs aside from the price on the windshield.

• What to know before deciding to “stretch” your budget toward a purchase.

Red Flags When Dealing with a Dealership

There’s no doubt that buying a car is stressful. And when the stress is compounded by feeling tired both physically and mentally from the car shopping process, it’s easy to give up and go with what “looks” like a good deal too soon. That said, here are some red flags that you need to be especially wary of to protect yourself when your will may be at its weakest:

• Avoid the “Fast Talker” salesperson.

• Make sure that the salesperson is listening to what you told them that you are looking for.

• Disrespect of either yourself or your spouse by a salesperson during the shopping and negotiating is a big red flag of someone you should avoid when considering a car. It’s ok to ask for another salesperson.

• Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. If you are comparing two dealership offers, be sure that both are talking about the same model with exactly the same features and perks. Some dealers will say one thing on a phone, but offer something else in person just to get you inside their car lot.

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Buying a Car? Here's some advice from 2 dealership insiders!

And finally…

Both dealership insiders offered some sound car buying advice at the end of the video by pointing out that (1) as a customer, you have to be sure that you are the one in control when it comes to buying a new or used car; and, (2) that if you can, it is best to wait out the current car shortage as this is only a temporary problem and that you can expect availability of models to rise and prices will eventually lower at the same time.

The take-home message here is that you have to perform your own due diligence by doing your research and taking the time to learn how to negotiate with a salesperson at a dealership.

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Great article and thanks for including our video! I appreciate your insight on the topic as well. ... Jeff
You are most welcome. And thank you for treating your customers as they should be treated, as a shining example of how a car dealership should operate.