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Servicing Your Vehicle’s Automatic Transmission Can Be a DIY Project That Saves You Money

Transmission service does not always require a licensed mechanic with specialized tools to do the job correctly. In fact, in many cases it is almost as easy as changing your engine oil and filter. Here’s a well-made video about how servicing an automatic transmission is basically done that can save you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself; or at the very least, provide you with an understanding of what is involved so that you do not get gouged by a service center or garage.


Transmission Servicing Can Be a Satisfying and Money-Saving DIY Project

Recently we’ve learned about how that sealed automatic transmissions are not really “sealed for life” with the implication that with today’s modern transmission technology and new synthetic transmission fluids, that your transmission will never need to be serviced. Depending on your vehicle and how it is driven, the implication is just not true.

We’ve also covered some compelling reasons and testimonials from readers why taking your vehicle to a chain service center or some garages is a risky undertaking because of scams and just plain incompetent or uncaring service center techs.

To help car owners understand their vehicle’s engines, we will cover a wide range of maintenance and repair tips and advice such as this previously posted one about how to inspect your transmission fluid when either caring for your car or inspecting a used car for possible purchase.

That said, today we will cover just how uncomplicated servicing an automatic transmission can be with many models by viewing an excellent video of how it is done with a Toyota Highlander as a demonstration of what is possible with your car that can lead to a money-saving and satisfying DIY project.

Key Take-Away Points of the Video

• Servicing your transmission is slightly more involved than a simple engine oil and filter change.

• Good step-by-step technique and safety ensures success.

• Research multiple online demos of your vehicle and the service performed beforehand to determine if it is really within your abilities and comfort zone.

• Make a list and order your parts ahead of time.

• A transmission service typically costs $400 to $500. Cost of parts and doing it yourself only $50.

• Even if you decide not to DIY with your car’s transmission service, now you will know exactly what is involved, how much the parts should cost, how to avoid being gouged with exorbitant fees; and, what to look for afterward to ensure the work you paid for was actually done.

How to Service the Transmission Toyota Highlander 2001-2007 AWD V6

And Finally…

It should be noted that not all models of cars will have as simple of a transmission service procedure as demonstrated in the video and therefore requires some research into your particular make and model of car. However, knowing what it does take can carry you a long way toward knowing more about your car and how it needs to be cared for…whether by yourself or by others.

For more about automotive repair, care and maintenance, here is a useful related article with video that gives the car owner a good idea of just what it takes for a mechanic to do a transmission rebuild that is way beyond what most car owners could or should attempt on their own.

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Timothy Boyer is Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily automotive repair and maintenance news.