How to avoid overpaying for your Tesla
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New Tesla Shopper Mini Guide

Thinking about buying a Tesla? If so, here is a new Tesla shopper mini guide from a Tesla expert that will help you avoid common newbie Tesla shopper mistakes that will not only help you save money by being aware of tax credits, but knowing what accessories you really need to buy before getting inside your vehicle once it arrives.

Smart Car, Smart Shopping

While there is a lot of information about how to be a smart shopper when it comes to your typical new or used ICE vehicle, it turns out that too often electric vehicle shoppers of smart cars---like the Tesla---discover that there is relatively much less useful and practical information out there to help guide them toward a smart and informed shopping decision.

For starters, Tesla does not sell their cars through a dealership; rather, it is an online shopping experience where the shopper places an order for a particular model and then enters a typically very long queue until the arrival of their long-anticipated new car.

While waiting for their car, shoppers best resource are websites like this one as well as several others that offer the latest news and updates on what is going with particular makes and models of vehicles. A secondary resource toward becoming “in-the-know” about your new vehicle and what to expect, can be found on YouTube videos such as this one posted by a Tesla shopper who shows how she paid less for her Tesla.

And, there are the several social media groups focused on all-things-Tesla. However, there is a lot of information to have to dig through and unfortunately not all of it is useful, practical, or most important of all---unbiased.

Furthermore, going to the Tesla website really only offers limited info that lists all of the great features their vehicles offer, but not so much on easy-to-follow advice or practical advice concerning the pros and cons of buying upgrades for their vehicles.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Tesla

That said, here is a very useful and recent Tesla shopping mini-guide by a well-known Tesla expert from the Ryan Shaw You Tube channel that helps guide new Tesla shoppers on common mistakes many Tesla buyers make, that will help the smart shopper make an informed buying decision.

Buying a Tesla? | Don't Make a Mistake

And finally…

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