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Insider Secrets, Tips, and Dumpster Diving Advice at Harbor Freight

To understand what you really need to look for, here are some insider secrets and tips for shopping at Harbor Freight, including whether dumpster diving at Harbor Freight is ok and if it can be rewarding.


In occasional Harbor Freight related articles, readers and viewers of the DIY with Dave YouTube have benefited from his insight into how Harbor Freight works and what it means to shoppers looking for tools that are affordable and perform well enough without having to spend a lot of money on name-brand tools that often just aren’t that much better.

According to recent DIY with Dave YouTube channel episode:

If you are scratching your head wondering if you are getting the best deal. That's where I come in! I reached out to a bunch of current and former Harbor Freight employees to unearth the insider secrets that'll supercharge your next visit to Harbor Freight.”

Good Advice from DIY with Dave

Follow along with Dave in this video posted below in which Dave will, “…explore the hidden tips and tricks to make the most of your shopping experience at Harbor Freight. We'll cover everything from coupons, returns, warranties, clearance items, and even some surprising insights about what happens to damaged inventory,” promises the video’s host.

In the video you will discover:

  • Not all Harbor Freight employees are afraid to share what they know about the company and its products.
  • Why no purchase should be made without a coupon.
  • At any point in time, how much of their stock is coupon discounted.
  • How to get the latest coupons at not just HF, but also at other sources HF will honor.
  • Even though a coupon is expired at HF, it might not be through a 3rd party that offers HF coupons.
  • Screen shots of coupons are acceptable and a good idea to keep on your phone.
  • What items are returned the most.
  • Which power tool brand is the least likely to be returned.
  • Why you should take a snapshot of every HF receipt.
  • The way some shoppers scam HF.
  • How to have a returned tool restocking fee waived.
  • How to trade-up a purchased tool at a later date.
  • Which color of price tag is the only one that means a real deal for you.
  • Keeping an eye out for clearance tools before they sell out can result in significant savings.
  • As-Is item shopping you need to understand and find out how to get an even better price than what is advertised.
  • How HF dumpster diving (or just cruising by with your truck) can be rewarding and probably even legal in your neighborhood.
  • When becoming an Inside Track member makes sense.

That said, here is the video below that is one of the most useful you will ever find regarding shopping at Harbor Freight.

What They Don't Want You to Know! Insider Secrets and Tips to Shopping at Harbor Freight

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